Considering how widespread the color blue is in the Phoenix environment, it’s surprising it’s not more commonly found in home improvements and kitchen remodels. The sky in Phoenix has a unique shade of blue on sunny days and blue is a large part of the cultural history of the Valley. Bringing it into the most important and functional room in your home makes design sense.

Start with the Ceiling

Replicate that blue sky over your head most of the year on the kitchen ceiling. Compare the paint chips to the sky on a bright, cloudless day to get an idea of which hue to choose. It will be somewhere in the turquoise family of blues. How light or dark you want it depends on the kitchen’s size, number of windows and the lighting.

Blue for the Cabinets

Using blue cabinets in the kitchen will probably differentiate it from other kitchens in the neighborhood, but the color can be refreshing on cabinet doors. If you’re not sure you want to go all blue, consider using blue as an accent color for a pantry door, island, or a desk.

Countertops and Backsplashes

The color blue occurs naturally in some of the marble, granite and stone materials used for countertops in new construction and as home improvements. Although it’s not as common, you’ll also find it in laminates and ceramic tile materials, as well.

Move to the Walls

Unless you have a large kitchen, most of your walls will be covered with cabinets, but in the event you have a kitchen nook or orphan wall, consider painting it blue or using a blue wall hanging to accent the space.

How About an Appliance or Two?

Appliance makers rolled out colorful appliances a few years ago which makes it possible for people who want to upgrade their kitchens without making home improvements. Toasters, mixers, blenders and coffee pots are available in many colors, including blue. If you want to go larger, you can choose your own refrigerator and dishwasher doors as well.

Blue Tea Kettle Phoenix Kitchen
Introducing blue can be as simple as colorful appliances.

Blue as Flooring

While you can find blue as a dominant color for ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring, it’s more often used as an accent color in these materials and more, including stone.

Bottom Line

Adding blue to your kitchen home improvements could make your kitchen a visually more interesting and soothing place to be. It’s an easy color to mix with others and could give your kitchen new life.