Living better starts now – that is more than just a motto for Alair Homes, it is part of the way they have developed their business into a nationwide success story, one that continues to see growth and expansion, and one that clients are anxious to hear more about. Today, the expansion of this great corporation continues, and Alair Homes proudly announces their latest venture, Alair Homes Peoria.

Alair Homes Peoria proudly joins this dynamic city with a goal of providing high-quality home remodeling and custom home building services to its residents. Servicing communities from Glendale to Sun City and many surrounding areas, the general contractors at Alair Homes Peoria offer personalized services appropriate for projects of all scopes and sizes and homeowners working within a variety of budgets.

Alair Homes Peoria is locally owned and operated by Mike Pickering. With more than 25 years of experience building and renovating homes across metro Phoenix. Mike is highly adept at communicating with his clients, listening to their ‘wants and needs’ and helping them to develop a plan that ensures their visions are realized. Many of his clients quickly become friends, proving not only his commitment to building relationships but also the great compassion he has for serving his community and his neighbors as he builds his business.

Mike states, “As a general contractor in Peoria, I have always been passionate about meeting with clients and sharing in their excitement as they begin to watch their projects unfold. There’s nothing quite like opening the lines of communication, providing them with the transparency they deserve and helping them to overcome obstacles that might have previously prevented them from realizing their dreams.” He continues, “Alair Homes shares this vision of complete transparency in business and provides me with the tools and support needed to give my clients a better home building or home renovation experience. I take great pride in being presented with the opportunity to bring their way of doing business to Peoria, and I’m excited about what the future holds for my neighbors, my friends, my community and my business.”

The general contracting team at Alair Homes Peoria is well situated to assist clients with projects of varying sizes from remodeling one room in a home to complete tear downs or large scale home renovations and even building custom homes at a variety of price points. Each client receives access to the company’s proprietary online system throughout construction, giving them the ability to fully control the budget, keep watch on the timeline and make decisions regarding sub-contractors, home finishings and so much more. While the company’s professional St. Louis project managers remain on site and oversee every project, clients are always respected for their role and decision making abilities, providing each one with a sense of control and a more satisfying construction experience.

While some might consider hiring a general contractor to be an exorbitant cost that is simply out of their budget, hiring a professional is truly a necessity for those who want to get the job done right, and working with Alair Homes Peoria oftentimes saves clients in both time and expense. Locally owned and operated but part of a national network of professional general contractors, this company has far reaching connections with every Alair Homes franchise across North America, and they leverage that reputation daily to secure bottom dollar prices on the finest materials and sub-contractors. All savings are directly passed along to their valued clients with the same degree of transparency that the company remains committed to throughout construction, and the end result is a higher quality renovation or custom built home for far less than many expect to pay.

Whether you are considering a home renovation in Glendale, a large scale renovation in Anthem or a custom built home in Sun City, the professionals at Alair Homes Peoria are ready to provide you with the information necessary to make an educated decision about hiring a general contractor. Contact their office to schedule your free, no obligation consultation and receive a detailed estimate for your project.

Alair Homes Peoria is located at:
7558 W. Thunderbird Rd., Suite 1-469
Peoria, AZ 85381
Telephone: (602) 697-5161