For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But a kitchen can be challenging to decorate, for there are items that it must have, such as a fridge, a place to cook, a sink and storage areas. Here are fifteen ideas that make a kitchen both beautiful and welcoming:

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  1. One creative way to arrange seating is for a kitchen to have a black and white lounge style banquet in the middle of the room. This area contrasts with a bright red work area and high white ceiling. The floor resembles black tile with white grouting, and the banquet itself wraps around three sides of a black and white granite slab with tapered legs.
  1. A long, simple table with casters can be moved around and tucked under the kitchen island when not in use.
  1. Many people believe kitchens are doomed to limited color palettes, but they’re not. In one kitchen, a turquoise kitchen island matches a turquoise fridge. Pops of turquoise are also found in knick-knacks on the shelves and a few items of cookware.
  1. One kitchen has one wall decorated with William Morris-like wallpaper. The wallpaper is well away from the work area, but if it’s to be used as a backsplash, it should be protected behind glass.
  1. A kitchen with a very high ceiling can have the look of a factory lunchroom, but the designer compensated by having a low copper ceiling section above the island. Exposed, white painted beams and huge, industrial pendant lights also make the space a bit cozier.
  1. A pewter countertop on an iron island stand out in one kitchen, as do its interesting, geometrical hanging lamps and a niche whose wall is filled with family photos and a tiny, crystal chandelier.
  1. Exposed, rough-hewn ceiling rafters complement the highly polished wood of the butcher block table and the slats on the floor. Red countertops add even more interest.
  1. Bright blue cabinets make a vacation home kitchen with dark floors and white walls cheerful. Red cookware and a vase of red poppies add pops of warm color.
  1. To save a kitchen from looking too sterile, one decorator painted the wall cabinets cream and the floor cabinets teal-gray
  1. A hexagonal tile backsplash keeps a gray, white and black kitchen from looking anodyne.
  1. One kitchen has finely made, footed floor cabinets with red amber glass pulls. There’s also a deep farmer’s sink and a stove protected by a pair of lion dogs. An orange rug pulls everything together.
  1. One decorator had an interesting solution to a split level home by building cabinets that began in the basement, rose up into the kitchen and continued up into the study. In the kitchen area, the shelves are both open and closed.
  1. Small but beautiful traditional crystal chandeliers hang over the island in one kitchen.
  1. In a tiny New York kitchen where storage space is a priority, the floor cabinets are roomy enough to hold pots and pans, mixing bowls and dinner services. This is made possible because the kitchen has a cook top instead of a full range/oven.
  1. An antique butcher block island is the focal point of one kitchen. Since it was actually used for butchering carcasses, it’s full of dings, slopes and dents.

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