You eat healthy, read labels, and perhaps even purify the air in your office and home. All these are steps in the right direction, but how about the water you drink? Have you thought about the source of your drinking water? Other than oxygen and hydrogen, could there be other unwanted entities that impact your health? All these tell you that water quality should top the list when it comes to home improvements.

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Whether you drink the local municipal’s treated water or tap from natural sources, water filtration is an aspect that you cannot afford to overlook. Let us take a closer look at why this is the case.


If you rely on tap for your water source, you are likely getting water from your local municipal. This water is subjected to a treatment procedure before getting channeled to your kitchen tap. You are probably aware that the water treatment process involves the use of chlorine. This is for good reason as chlorine acts as a disinfectant that poses no danger in small doses.

Even so, the amount of chlorine seems to vary in different areas. This explains why you will at times notice a stronger smell or taste in the local tap water when in a new city. Sadly, chlorine is a ticking time bomb when ingested in high amounts. High levels of chlorine can cause issues such as eye sensitivity and respiratory problems. What is more, chlorine is the culprit behind free-radical byproduct formation after binding to organic compounds that cause inflammation in the body.

Heavy Metals

Tap water will at times contain heavy metals in the form of mercury, arsenic, and lead. Though there are government bodies responsible for setting the maximum allowed levels of heavy metal, it would be prudent to avoid getting exposed in the first place. What’s the big deal with drinking water containing heavy metals? These dangerous metals build-up in the human body over time and put people at risk of dangers such as:

What is more, heavy metal exposure in babies can result in learning and brain development problems. The heavy metal in tap water is in most cases a result of the pipes used in water delivery. Pipes made of lead or copper leak the heavy metal into the water meant for drinking. This is definitely food for thought when it comes to home improvements.

You might be surprised to learn that a water boil advisory was issued back in 2014 in Flint, Michigan, US. Water sourced from the Flint River was highly acidic and the children in this area were found to have 50% more lead amounts as a result of inferior water treatment.


If tap water has always been your cup of tea, try out spring water today (in a glass bottle if possible) for comparison purposes. You will never look back after tasting the difference. Installing a quality water filter when going about your home improvements will ensure you receive a refreshing glass of water every time.

The Verdict

A lot of pleasure comes with drinking quality water, and water filtration is a sure fire way to help you achieve this. With a water filter on board when it comes to home improvement, you will enjoy every drop of water just how Mother Nature likes it!