There are more than a few ways to make your kitchen feel bigger. Designers know all the tricks to make a space seem bigger than it actually is. It’s often about creating an illusion or keeping sightlines open.

1. Compact Appliances

The dishwasher or refrigerator can be a slimmed-down version of the one you have currently. This is a way to increase the square footage of the room. While it might only be a few inches, those few inches can make the space appear much larger.

2. Panel Appliances

Panel appliances like the dishwasher and refrigerator mentioned previously will help them blend into the rest of the room. That unbroken line of cabinet panels will make it appear longer and larger. It’s part of the design illusion.

3. Shallow Cabinets

Standard cabinets come at a depth of 24 inches. If you think about your cabinets, how often do pans and other items get stuck in the back where you can’t reach. It’s often space that isn’t utilized properly. To increase the floor space in this specific room, consider cabinets that come in smaller sizes. They’re normally used as upper cabinets, but you can certainly use them as lower cabinets.

4. Remove the Double Sink

Most homeowners want a double sink more than they want anything else in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the double sink will lower the amount of counter space. A single sink frees up almost 6 inches of space that can be used for more cabinets or unbroken counter.

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5. Upper Shelves

Instead of upper cabinets, use open shelving. Even upper cabinets that are slimmer than the bottoms will make the room feel overwhelmed. Open shelving creates the illusion of more space. You’ll have to make sure that you are keeping the shelves uncluttered though. Clutter is one thing that will instantly shrink the room.

6. Cabinet Lighting

If you put lighting under the upper cabinets, it will really brighten the space. A bright eating space will look roomier and more spacious than a dark one. Along with cabinet lighting, think about how added lighting might work in the room. Keep the window coverings breezy and remove anything blocking the light.

7. Mirrored Backsplash

When you’re at the sink with your back to the room, that can make the space seem cramped. A mirrored backsplash with tinted glass can be a subtle way to open sightlines in the room. It’ll reflect light, which makes the room appear bigger too.

8. Open Range Hood

Instead of creating a block that hides the range hood, you can purchase and have an open range hood installed. The range hood is hidden because it’s often unsightly, but with a beautiful one, you’re giving yourself visual interest as well as a break from a block of cabinets. If you also use this with open shelving, you’re visually opening the space considerably.

Once you contact a professional at Alair Homes Orlando, you’ll have an open space that feels huge compared to the current kitchen you have now.