Building a home is a complex process. Many decisions are made about the best design features for your family and your lifestyle. When building a custom home, the bathroom is one of the main areas that deserves consideration. Many clients envision creating a modern, updated space. Taking a look at the current bathroom design trends in 2018 makes reaching that goal easier.

Nickel Faucets

When selecting a faucet, opt for nickel faucets. This material is polished and considered to be a safe choice that still offers plenty of warmth. Polish the nickel faucet with black or bronze accents for multiple elements that allow it to look unique and stylish.

LED Lighting

LED lights are ubiquitous to use in a custom home. They conserve a significant amount of energy when turned on as compared to conventional bulbs. This reduces your energy bill. They create a beautiful glow that makes it easy to perform various tasks while also making the room more sustainable. LED lights are ideal when your goal is to give the bathroom a crisp, fresh appearance.

Incorporate a Transitional Style

Style choices influence the mood in the room. Transitional styles are increasing in popularity. They mix old and new elements to boost the interest and appeal of the home. Alair Homes Orlando general contractors often adds open shelves, install an antique vanity for the sink and use an antique mirror on the wall to create a transitional style in a bathroom. A claw foot tub with more modern tile and pops of color on the wall creates the same look. Mixing the items with a sleek faucet or brass hardware on the cabinets looks stunning and contemporary while adding a touch of character.

Transitional styles are ideal for those who have a difficult time choosing between old and new. It allows you to dabble in various looks and avoid having to follow a set of rules.

Photo by Alair Homes OrlandoDiscover bathroom design inspiration

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are back in style. They are trend-setting for their beautiful design and vintage look. Freestanding tubs are incredibly luxe. They add a regal style to your bathroom while working as the centerpiece of the space. Smaller tubs are also available for less spacious bathrooms, making it easy to take a dip and relax in style without feeling cramped. When choosing this style, look for a quality tub that is made well and retains heat.

Undermount Sinks

The sink may seem like a minimal feature in the room. However, the wrong style can cause the space to appear too cluttered and over dramatic when paired with marble countertops and bold fixtures. Opt for a minimal undermount sink. Good choices are made from porcelain and have a classy design that will not become outdated in future years. Undermount sinks are also practical. Many are easy to keep clean and resistant to stains or scratches. They are often a smart investment for these reasons.

Creating a beautiful bathroom that includes the latest trends allows you to spend more time in a space that is contemporary and modern. Consider these design features, and discuss them with your Alair Homes Orlando design and construction team to determine which are perfect for your home.