The past year has certainly had us all spending more time in our homes. In that time, you may have noticed things about your house that you have never noticed before. Perhaps you are wondering how to improve spaces in your home but are overwhelmed with the variety of options to choose from. 

Whatever your situation may be, the types of upgrades to tackle first should be both specific to your family’s current needs and the long-term goals for your home.

What to Upgrade Now

Square Footage or Structural Changes

With the current need for our homes to be as multipurpose as possible, there is a higher demand for comfortable spaces that accommodate room for homework or office space.  We recommend you first consider working with an industry expert to create a spatial plan that will add additional space initially and also takes the long-term plans for your home into consideration. It is much harder and more expensive to add or move walls later, so having the long-term plans for your home fully designed will help to prevent any costly changes in the future.

Safety First

If, like many of us during this time, you find yourself caring for aging parents or loved ones, we recommend working with an industry expert who has experience with ADA renovations and upgrades. Aging in place essentials such as raising a sunken floor or widening a bathroom doorway to accommodate a wheelchair or make movement easier may be necessary if aging parents are moving in. If there are areas in your home that pose a safety or medical concern to those you love, these areas should be considered during the spatial planning for your home.

What Upgrades Can Wait


Knowing in advance the items that must be completed during a renovation versus your wish list items will help prioritize your improvements. A renovation wish list is exactly what it sounds like, a wish list. Upgrading things like the design and aesthetics of your guest bedrooms can wait as long as they are functional. Get the space you need first, then work on the cosmetic improvements. 

Through collaboration with experienced architects, designers, and trade partners, the team at Alair Homes Lake Norman will work alongside you to ensure that your home renovation meets the needs of your family so that you can live better now and in the future.