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Alair is proud to be the most trusted construction management partner of leading architects, designers, trade experts and many other award-winning industry professionals. As an Alair client, you enjoy the benefits of unmatched expertise and unparalleled commitment to integrity, transparency and value.


There is only one way to ensure a certain outcome in construction and that is to validate every detail before you ever commit to a construction agreement. At Alair, you will know every detailed cost, have the freedom to choose all selections and decide on who will carry out every function of your project before it ever starts. Certainty is the foundation of Alair’s Client Control™ and is the reason why thousands of clients have become raving fans and overwhelmingly recommend Alair to their friends and family.


Alair is the only contractor in the world that performs every project exclusively with Client Control™ Our highly trained and certified project managers empower you with authority over your project from start to finish. As an Alair client you have 24/7 visibility to validate progress and updates while maintaining authorization rights to approve every cost and milestone. Client Control™ is the new standard in residential construction management.

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  • Home Lakenorman Lietz Service
    Custom Homes

    Building a custom home in Lake Norman is meant to be an enjoyable experience. We help make it that way. Alair Homes Lake Norman provides professional project management coupled with complete transparency that keeps you engaged through every step. Realizing your dream home is possible. Let's get started.

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  • Home Remodel Lakenorman Woodwinds Servicetile
    Home Remodeling

    Remodeling your home is a great way to create spaces that enhance your lifestyle and add value to your property. Our professional design and construction team helps make the process easier and more efficient. Working with you, we take your ideas from design through construction and provide innovative solutions when challenges present. The end result is a room you love and a home that you're more comfortable spending time in.

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  • Kitchen Remodel Lakenorman Stourbridge Servicetile
    Kitchen Remodeling

    As the central room in your home, your kitchen deserves to feel spectacular. We help make that a reality with professional project management services focused on your goals. Our cost effective, transparent way of doing business makes it easier to remodel your kitchen and enjoy all the features of a modern, attractive and organized space.

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  • Bathroom Remodel Lakenorman Woodwinds Servicetile
    Bathroom Remodeling

    Your bathroom can be a place that you enjoy spending time in. A quality bathroom remodel helps make this possible. With our help, your space transforms into one that is more aesthetically pleasing, functional and organized - a space that adds value to your home and enhances your lifestyle.

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Christina K.

“Lighthouse Residential Remodeling (Alair) was the only company I found that cared about the aesthetic aspect of the project as much as I did. The quality of their building process left me with no hesitation that I had absolutely picked the right contractor.”

Pat Helmandollar
“The people at Lighthouse (Alair) did a good job in a timely manner. They were very nice to work with.”
Joe Foutz

David has managed three major renovations for us over the last 10 years – a kitchen remodel, master bath remodel, and most recently, a laundry room, mudroom and garage addition. He will initially give you a range for what your project will cost. If you move forward, he uses an extremely thorough process up front to get you very accurate costs, instead of giving you a ballpark estimate, as some subcontractors do, and then hitting you with added costs later on. That way, you know early on exactly what it will cost for what you said you wanted – and since it is before any work has started, you could adjust as needed to fit your budget. David has an engineering background and over 20 years’ experience in major residential remodeling and is dedicated to delivering high quality construction, not just a minimum standard that just meets building codes. He uses the best subcontractors – not only are they expert tradespeople, they are professional and pleasant to work with. David is transparent about budget and scheduling and interested in making sure you are comfortable and informed about what is happening with your project and that the result is the enhanced living space you were looking for. He gave us peace of mind through three major renovations – we would recommend him to anyone.


David is honest, professional and was extremely helpful during our kitchen/sunroom renovation. From planning to the finished product, he was there when we needed him. His subs are great. He has an excellent team to draw from. If something wasn’t quite right, he came back and fixed it. When we had questions, he told us the truth, not what we wanted to hear. When it looked like we were making a wrong choice, he gave us options. I am extremely pleased with the finished product. I would highly recommend him to any and all.

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