Kirkland Farmhouse

The Kirkland Farmhouse is the epitome of cool in the realm of new home construction. With a projected square footage of 3,612, this project embarked on a journey that redefines modern living. Guided by the visionary designs of Medici Architects, every inch of this home exudes contemporary elegance and functionality. Life And Light, through their lens, artfully captures the essence of this project, showcasing the meticulous details and captivating aesthetics that make it truly exceptional. As we delve deeper into this endeavor, it becomes evident that the Kirkland Farmhouse isn’t just a home; it’s a statement of architectural brilliance and a celebration of innovative living. Stay tuned for a closer look at what makes this project so undeniably one of a kind.

Square Feet: 3,612 S/F
Architect: Medici Architects
Photographer: Life And Light

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