Custom homes are all about making your unique vision a reality. For these clients, their initial foray into home building with a prefab company left them longing for a truly custom creation, meticulously crafted on-site, beam by beam. It was at this juncture that they turned to Alair | Kirkland, and we were thrilled to bring their dream to life on their expansive West Seattle property, boasting breathtaking views. This endeavor posed formidable challenges, including substantial shoring and the driving of 47 pin piles, each reaching over 30 feet into the earth to stabilize the home on the steep slope. The fruits of our labor are evident in those awe-inspiring vistas, validating the extra effort invested.

Time to complete: 13 months
Square Feet: 3786 S/F
Photographer: Life And Light
Architect: Group Architect

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