Building a custom home in Kirkland, Washington offers a long list of compelling reasons that appeal to a wide range of potential homeowners. From its scenic location and proximity to tech hubs to its quality of life, resources, and investment value. The city of Kirkland provides an attractive backdrop for creating your dream home tailored to your preferences and lifestyle needs.

Let’s dive in and see why crafting a custom home in Kirkland might be that great decision! Here are ten reasons why choosing to build a custom home in Kirkland is the right combination of luxury, innovation, and personalized living.

1. Custom Home in Kirkland: Community Amenities

Kirkland offers a wide range of community amenities, including beautiful parks, bike trails and waterfront promenades! Cultural attractions like art galleries and theaters provide residents with ample opportunities for entertainment. Hike through Kirkland’s beautiful outdoor parks, go shopping at Kirkland Urban, or take a class at the Kirkland Arts Center! Your options are endless. By all means, watch a live show at the Kirkland Performance Center. There is always something interesting happening nearby!

2. Zoning Regulations 

Kirkland’s zoning regulations and building codes are designed to accommodate a range of architectural styles and design preferences. Therefore, you are given the flexibility to customize your home according to your individual needs. The city’s zoning guidelines provide opportunities for creative design solutions and innovative building techniques. As a result, all the personalized features contribute to the overall originality that any homeowner wants in their home.

drone photo of Ferry View project by Alair Homes Kirkland while under construction - custom home in Kirkland

3. Custom Home in Kirkland: Architectural Diversity

Kirkland boasts a diverse architectural landscape that includes a mix of traditional, contemporary, and modern styles. Without a doubt, it’s showing off its rich history and its trajectory of progressive design trends. The variety of architectural styles present in Kirkland provides inspiration for homeowners looking to create a custom home in Kirkland.  

4. Unique Topography and Scenic Views

Kirkland’s scenic location on the eastern shore of Lake Washington and its hilly terrain offer unique opportunities for custom home design. As a result, it’s easy to take advantage of natural features such as water views, sloping landscapes, and wooded surroundings. Therefore, homeowners can work with architects and designers to maximize scenery and incorporate outdoor living spaces.  While creating homes that harmonize with the topography of the area, homeowners are free to combine both nature and urban elements in their home design.

 5. Custom Home in Kirkland: Experienced Home Builders

Kirkland is home to a community of skilled and experienced home builders, architects, and designers who specialize in custom home construction and are committed to delivering quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative design solutions. The presence of reputable home builders and design professionals in Kirkland provides a wealth of expertise, resources, and support to bring your custom home visions to life that will exceed your expectations.

custom home in Kirkland

6. High Demand for Unique Homes

Kirkland’s reputation as a desirable and affluent community with a strong real estate market has created a demand for unique and custom-designed homes that stand out in today’s competitive housing market. Homebuyers in Kirkland are increasingly seeking homes that reflect their individuality, lifestyle, and design preferences, driving up the demand for custom homes. On average, homes in Kirkland sell after 12 days on the market in 2024, compared to 46 days last year.

7. Environmental Sustainability

Kirkland’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in its green building standards, sustainable transportation options, preservation of natural spaces, waste reduction efforts, and climate action initiatives that collectively contribute to a more eco-friendly, resilient, and sustainable community for their residents. Thus, it is an ideal location for eco-conscious homeowners looking to incorporate energy-efficient features and sustainable materials into their custom home design.

8. Long-Term Investment Value

From an investment perspective, custom homes in Kirkland offer long-term value and potential for appreciation. The city’s strong real estate market, desirable location, and high quality of life make custom homes here a sound investment choice for homeowners looking to build equity and secure their financial future. Custom homes often command higher resale values compared to standard homes, as they are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of the homeowner, making them more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

9. High Quality of Life 

Kirkland’s high quality of life further enhances its appeal as a desirable location for your next home. Without doubt, the city boasts top-rated schools, diverse dining options and boutique shopping. In the same way, strong sense of community provides residents with a well-rounded and enriching living experience. Kirkland offers a wealth of amenities and activities that contribute to a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle for residents of all ages.

custom home in Kirkland

10. Tech Hub Proximity 

Kirkland’s proximity to major technology companies in the Seattle area, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, provides ample job opportunities within a vibrant tech-focused community. The surrounding areas benefit from such an environment, which attracts skilled professionals, encourages networking, and drives economic growth. By utilizing the resources and opportunities of the region’s tech industry, Kirkland thrives as a dynamic community that embraces creativity, technology, and growth in the heart of Washington’s tech landscape.

So, why wait? With its stunning views, modern vibe, and unbeatable quality of life, Kirkland is the ultimate destination to bring your dream home to life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a home that truly reflects your personality, and aspirations in a city that embodies innovation, sustainability, and a vibrant lifestyle. Make Kirkland your home and let your dream house become a reality in this dynamic and captivating city.