What is the first word that comes to mind when a homeowner thinks about a contractor? I guarantee that word isn’t trust, so let’s start doing something different; Alair Homes | Kirkland is here today to begin redefining the contractor experience.

The construction industry’s prevailing stigma around contractors has led to apprehension and uncertainty among homeowners. At Alair Homes, we are committed to changing this narrative by offering a consistent and reliable approach to construction and remodeling across all markets we serve. By addressing these concerns, we aim to redefine the contractor experience and inspire the next generation to pursue trade careers, ultimately bolstering the industry’s future.

the Alair Homes Kirkland team standing around a table ready to start redefining the contractor experience

Our commitment to redefining the contractor experience by providing a transparent, reliable, and stress-free experience aims to inspire young individuals to pursue trade careers. By reshaping the contractor experience, we hope to instill a renewed sense of pride and confidence in the construction industry, encouraging young talent to join a field essential for our communities’ continued growth and development.

The sustainability of the construction industry relies on inspiring and nurturing the next generation of skilled tradespeople. By changing the perception of contractors and offering a consistent, reliable, and transparent approach, we aim to inspire future generations to pursue careers in the trades. Join us in reshaping the narrative and inspiring the construction industry’s future.

Stacy Eakman climbing onto the Alair Homes Kirkland vans ready to start redefining the contractor experience with incredible leadership

Who is Alair Homes?

Alair Homes is a leading name in premium custom home building and large-scale renovation and remodeling, dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and client-focused service. Founded in British Columbia, Canada, in 2007 by Blair McDaniel, Alair Homes initially catered to a discerning client base, setting the stage for its commitment to quality and attention to detail.

As the company sought sustainable growth without compromising its core values, it ventured into franchising in 2012. Through a unique partnership with another builder and the development of Client Control™, Alair Homes established a solid foundation for its approach to construction and remodeling, leading to its expansion into the largest premium custom home building and renovation brand globally.

Alair Homes Kirkland company cards, the team that is redefining the contractor experience

With a mission to unite top custom builders and remodelers under one vision, Alair Homes offers homeowners a network of expert professionals dedicated to creating exceptional living spaces while maintaining a commitment to autonomy and equity for its partners.

Alair Homes has a rich history of dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction. From its early days serving discerning clients in British Columbia to its evolution into a global leader in premium custom home building and large-scale remodeling, the company’s journey reflects a commitment to excellence and collaborative growth.

As a homeowner, choosing Alair Homes means gaining access to an extensive network of leading custom builders and remodelers united under a shared vision and commitment to creating remarkable living spaces. Whether a custom home project or a large-scale renovation, Alair Homes’ history and ethos show its dedication to delivering outstanding results while prioritizing the homeowner’s vision and needs.

The Journey of Eakman Construction Becoming Alair Homes | Kirkland

Eakman Construction, founded in 2012 by its leader, Stacy Eakman, swiftly established itself as a trailblazer in residential construction, serving the Kirkland, Bellevue, and Seattle communities with a resolute mission to redefine the homeowner’s experience with construction companies. With a focus on elevating quality and customer satisfaction standards, Eakman Construction earned a distinguished reputation for its commitment to excellence and client-centric approach.

Under Stacy Eakman’s leadership, the company set out to change how people perceived residential construction, striving to instill confidence and trust in every project it undertook.

Stacy speaking to everyone who joined his launch party for the merger of Alair Homes and Eakman Construction who together will be redefining the contractor experience

Stacy Eakman’s decision to align with Alair Homes stemmed from a shared mission and vision. The synergies between Eakman Construction and Alair Homes, which are committed to transforming the homeowner’s experience with construction, laid the foundation for a strategic partnership.

The mutual dedication to raising industry standards and delivering unrivaled client satisfaction solidified the collaboration, ultimately leading to Eakman Construction’s evolution into Alair Homes | Kirkland. This transition not only underscores the company’s continuous pursuit of excellence but also signifies an exciting new chapter that combines Eakman Construction’s local expertise with the extensive resources and collaborative network of Alair Homes, further enhancing the exceptional service and innovation available to homeowners in the Kirkland area.

What makes us different and How we are Redefining the Contractor Experience

Choosing Alair Homes | Kirkland is the right choice for homeowners seeking the perfect blend of local expertise and the backing of a trusted industry leader. While many homeowners naturally gravitate toward the “hometown guy,” the presence of Alair Homes behind Stacy Eakman provides the best of both worlds.

Despite the support of a large company, homeowners can still rely on Stacy’s deep roots in the region, having grown up just a couple of hours away from Seattle in Yakima, Washington. Since founding his company in 2012, Stacy has been dedicated to serving the community, driven by a lifelong mission to revolutionize the way people perceive contractors—a mission instilled in him from a young age by his father, who was unwaveringly honest and transparent in his trade work.

Stacy Eakman and his mom, who works at his company, together at the launch party. They are a prime example how when you hire Stacy you're hiring a family.

With Alair Homes, this commitment to transparency and integrity continues in their systems, offering homeowners the peace of mind that comes with a consistent, tried, and tested product. Alair Homes brings significant industry leadership and expertise, providing comprehensive training for project managers and a meticulous selection process that only opts for industry leaders with a proven track record.

Their systems have been statistically proven to reduce delays, price variations, and change orders from the industry standard, mainly through a thorough pre-construction phase, where a strategic approach is meticulously devised to execute the plans laid out by architects and designers effectively. This unwavering dedication to transparency, expertise, and proven processes ensures homeowners partnering with Alair Homes | Kirkland receives a top-tier, reliable, and tailored construction experience.

When considering your next construction or remodeling project, choosing Alair Homes | Kirkland means aligning with a local expert backed by the support of a reputable industry leader. With Stacy Eakman’s deep local roots and unwavering commitment to transparency and excellence, combined with Alair Homes’ resources and expertise, you can trust that your project will be in reliable and capable hands.

Stacy Eakman and his wife Danica at the Alair Homes Kirkland launch party

Alair Homes | Kirkland is revolutionizing the homeowner’s experience and changing the construction industry’s perception by prioritizing transparency and integrity. This, in turn, helps fill the gap and inspire the next generation to pursue trade careers, and all this is done by redefining the contractor experience.

From a proven selection of industry leaders to systems designed to reduce delays and price variations, Alair Homes | Kirkland offers a combination of local knowledge and industry-leading practices to bring your vision to life. Take the next step in realizing your dream living space by partnering with Alair Homes | Kirkland for your next project.