Granite is used for almost all new countertops because it’s a durable and strong, natural stone. As far as strength, it’s second only to diamond as a natural resource. It’s no wonder that it’s used in millions of homes. Instead of being a luxurious feature in the home, it’s a traditional one. To enjoy the look and feel of granite as a luxury, homeowners can add in unique, rare varieties of this natural resource.

Whether it’s countertops, flooring or wall installations, beautiful, unique pieces of granite make a great piece of art instead of the standard granite countertop that most homes now have. The unique types of granite listed below can be used as a fireplace surround, floor inlay, shower tile inlay and pool accent makes them incredibly special bits of art in the home.

Types of Rare, Exotic Stone

Blue-Hued Granite: The area of Bahia in Brazil is known for its Azul Bahia granite. It’s a semi-precious granite that has a beautiful blue hue. Some pieces have hints of green and black with beautiful veining. Each individual piece will have different colors and hues in it, so homeowners and builders should see the exact piece before installation.

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Van Gogh Granite: This beautiful granite has many of the colors seen in the Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. The rich blues, oranges and whites are best used in small doses as an accent in the home. When everything else in the room is neutral or dark, the granite will really shine. It’s perfect for adding a focal point in a room around a beautiful fireplace. It might also be used to create a single piece focal point in the bathroom too.

Onyx: While not as tough as granite, onyx is just as stunning as an accent or a focal point in a room. Onyx can be mined on every continent but it’s soft and hard to remove from a quarry without breaking it. Large pieces can be quite expensive, but small pieces as accents are affordable and easy to install.

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Uses for Unique and Rare Stone

Fireplace Surrounds: Instead of using a traditional stone or brick around the fireplace, a granite or onyx stone can make a room stand out in your home. The lights from the fireplace flickering across the surface is a romantic and awe-inspiring moment that couples can enjoy together.

Bathroom Accents: Whether it’s Azul Bahia tiles in the shower or an onyx trough sink, adding small accents in the bathroom will make it a stunning space that will feel more like a luxurious spa than a bathroom in your home. If it’s installed as patterned art on the wall, you can enjoy soaking in the tub surrounded by the elegance and beauty of the rare stone.

Highlighted Stone: When you purchase granite for its stunning colors, you want to highlight those colors with the placement as well as some lighting. If you have delightful artwork, you’ll add gallery lighting to really show off its beauty. That’s also true of these rare stones. Special panels and light tape can provide even coverage that will make the stone glow.

The unique and semi-precious quality of the granite makes it a bit pricey, so homeowners might not be able to add large countertop installations into the kitchen or bathroom. Add the granite or onyx to areas where it’s accentuated and highlighted.