Renovating your home gives you the incredible opportunity to update its style, to improve its functionality and to make it much more comfortable and practical to live in. Regardless of whether you are planning a home remodel or building a new home addition, you understandably want the project completed quickly, with quality workmanship and on budget. You may not realize it, but you play a significant role in your overall renovation experience. Allow these tips to guide you through the project for a more enjoyable, productive experience.

Do: Be Decisive

Most decisions related to your home renovation project will be decided before any work begins on your property. However, there may be a few decisions that must be made in the middle of the project. Your ability to make fast yet informed decisions will impact the timeline for the project. An experienced builder will guide you through the decision-making process so that you understand the ramifications of various possible decisions.

Do: Let Your Contractor Buy Building Materials

Some homeowners think that they will save money by purchasing supplies and materials for a home remodel or new home addition on their own. The idea may be that builders incorporate a profit margin into the price they charge you for materials. However, most builders obtain supplies and materials at a discount through wholesalers or with contractor rates. Therefore, even if a builder increases the cost based on what they have paid, it still may be more affordable than what you may pay on your own.

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Don’t: Make Changes After the Plans Are Finalized

The time to make decisions about your home remodel project is before any work begins on the home. Regardless of how seemingly minor a change request may seem, the impact on the construction process can be significant. For example, the request for a power outlet to be moved to another location can impact building code requirements, drywall installation and numerous other factors.

Don’t: Overlook the Importance of a Contingency Fund

You understandably want to maximize every dollar available to spend on your renovation project, but all budgets should include a contingency fund. Once work begins on the home, contractors may discover issues with wiring, code violations, mold growth or other issues that require attention. In some cases, the work cannot go on until the issue has been properly addressed. Your builder can help you to determine a healthy amount for your contingency fund.

A major home renovation is a significant project that can dramatically improve your family’s daily living experience. However, before you can enjoy the finished results, you will need to place your trust in the contractor who you have selected. With faith in the skills and expertise of the contractor that you have hired, you can easily employ these tips to enjoy a smoother process. To learn more about the home renovation process or for information about building a home addition, contact the team at Alair Homes for a consultation.