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If you own a home in the Hudson area and have been fantasizing about adding something more to it, you may be ready to add some home additions. Maybe your family is growing or you have growing needs for more storage space? It could be that you are earning more than you have in the past and want to add some value to your home? Whatever your reason, the right addition can make your home feel completely refreshed and new.

Here are 10 home addition ideas from Alair Homes Hudson you might consider when you are ready to go!

A Swimming Pool

That’s right! If your home doesn’t already have a swimming pool, then this might be on your list of wants. A swimming pool provides relaxation, relief from heat, and exercise, and you can have all of this right in your own backyard. You can also be the life of the party by hosting your own pool parties! While swimming pools are more on the spendy side, they can be very worth it, in the long run.

A Three Season Room

A three season room is a screened in or windowed room that can be either used as a porch area or an entertainment space. The screens or windows keep out pesky mosquitoes and other pests while allowing you to soak up a bit of indoors and outdoors, all at the same time.

A Second Story

Yes, while adding an entire second floor can be expensive, it might be your only choice if you’re looking for more space but live on a small lot. Before you consider seriously adding a second story, be sure that it is a good fit for your neighborhood and will add value to your home. Be sure to also have a building inspector approve the addition, ahead of time. Some people choose to save money by building only over their garage or a section of their house.

Solar Panels

Maybe you’re ready to get off of the main grid and start producing your own power? If so, solar panels could be the way to go, for you. Many homeowners find solar panels to be a wonderful home addition that not only makes them feel good about doing their part for the environment but also to save money down the road.

A Sauna

Saunas offer loads of health benefits to your skin and body. If you’re looking for a healthy retreat right in your own home, a sauna might be in your future. They can also be very affordable, depending on how extravagant you want yours to be.

A Reading Nook

A reading nook can be used for relaxation, reading, or just to simply get a view of outside. These little home additions have become more and more popular over the years, and if you’re looking for a little getaway space, one may be in your future.

Bathroom Additions

A walk-in shower, floating vanity, freestanding soaking tub, or shower lighting are all different kinds of bathroom additions you might consider. Many homeowners also change-up the style of their sink or add a different coat of pain to refresh their bathrooms.

A New Garage

Maybe you’re ready to have a completely separate space from your house where you can park cars or get those projects finished that have been sitting on the shelf? If so, you’re not alone, and many families who find themselves in this situation opt for a new garage.

Bedroom Addition

Whether you have a basement that’s barely being used or another space that is just itching for something to be done with it, a new bedroom can fit the bill.

Add A Dormer

A dormer can bring more natural light and offer more space inside of your home. While they may not be cheap, adding one to your home can really change the feel and can increase value, as well.