The end of the season is a great time to use design to transition the space from one season to the next. It’s a terrific time to do a bit of a cleaning and think about the next few months in your home. These are some fast and inexpensive ideas to transition your space from one season to the next.

Change Your Layout

You don’t need to buy new furniture to get a fresh look in your bedroom or living room. Rearrange the furniture into a new layout. It’ll feel completely new.

Paint Your Shelves

If you have open shelving in your home, paint the back of the unit. You could also use patterned contact paper for a great, graphic design that will make the unit pop.

Welcome Mat

The addition of a welcome mat will give your home a new feel. It might make your guests smile or laugh depending on what the mat reads.

Brighten the Bath

If you have a neutral bathroom, consider adding a bright pop of color with towels. It’ll be easy to switch them out each season too.

Entry Changes

A cluttered entry will give you a bad vibe as soon as you walk into your home. Find a great hall tree or stunning storage to hold all your clutter.

Light the Space

You don’t need a holiday to use holiday lights. String them around your bedroom or around a frame to create a luminescent focal point.

Great Doors

The interior doors don’t need to be replaced, but you might want to give them a little jazz with some paint. A graphic design or bright color can change the entire look of a room.

Shower Curtain

Drab shower curtains can make a bathroom feel boring. Every few months, you can change the appearance of the bathroom with a new shower curtain.


Messages, quotes and typography prints are great for changing the look of a space, and it has the added bonus of being easy to change. You can download them from the Internet quite easily.


Whether you have a home or apartment, you can use removable wallpaper to instantly transform a room. It can be changed occasionally for a variety of looks in one space.

Ceiling Design

That removable wallpaper can be used for ceilings too.

Pops of Pink

Rose quartz is a great way to add pink into a room without making a permanent change to the paint color.

Focal Interest

Instead of having your collection in different locations, make an impact by gathering them into one space like above the mantel.

Kitchen Remodels
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Geometric Design

A focal paint wall doesn’t have to be a bright assault on the eyes. It can be a contemporary geometric design in soft hues.


The easiest way to change a room is with the addition of a rug. You could have a few to change out with the seasons.

Angle the Rug

Along with a new rug, changing the orientation and texture of the rug will go a long way towards making the space look entirely different.

Gallery Wall

You don’t have to use professional paintings to make a gallery wall. Use children’s drawings, typography prints, words or letters.

Add Flowers

Pick some flowers from your backyard and add them to your rooms for an instant change.


If you don’t have a garden, bring in a few large leaves and add them to some vases. The impact is amazing.

Dye the Curtains

Sheers can be incredibly boring unless you dip dye them in a vibrant color.

Trim Accents

An easy paint treatment is to change the trim in your room. Use a color you wouldn’t normally such as a bright blue or charcoal gray.

Old Furniture, New Life

With some paint, you can turn old furniture into a new piece to put on display.

Mirror Displays

Instead of a gallery wall with art, use mirrors of different designs and shapes to create visual interest.


Turn old dishes, teapots or pans into places for plants and flowers. This is great for vintage pieces.

New Hardware

Built-ins can be beautiful but a bit bland if they aren’t changed occasionally. You can do this easily with new hardware.