As we head further into 2022 we are seeing the design of High Country mountain homes make a strong pivot toward earth tones. More and more homeowners are asking for natural influences outside of your traditional stone fireplace or stone exterior. They are combining these earth tones with luxury finishes to create a contemporary mountain look that captures the raw beauty of the great outdoors.

Mountain homes in the High Country have historically held a warm rustic feel with lots of dark tones and woodwork. Pairing those rustic elements with earthy color palettes marries warm and weathered with crisp and clean. Homeowners often love the custom woodwork that can be found in homes across the Blue Ridge and now they are also searching for colors that will bring the calm stillness they find in the great outdoors, into their homes. We find that earthy color palettes bring that lighter, airer feel to the space.

These earth tone color palettes pull from many of the colors you see in a High Country river stone; blues, grays, and light earthy browns. These natural influences still hold the warmth most people seek in their mountain home, while also bringing a sense of rejuvenation that is calm and soothing. We find that a lot more people are looking to create a sense of comfort and airiness inside their homes post pandemic.

We also find that earth tones are also extremely versatile in that they complement a wide range of other colors. They pair well with luxury finishes like statement lighting and architectural beam work, and are also a perfect fit for homeowners looking to incorporate sustainable or eco friendly products into their home.

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