It’s summertime in South Carolina!  School is out, there’s a line at every shaved ice stand, and every neighborhood air conditioner is cranked up.  With the hustle and bustle that exists inside each of our homes now with the kids and some parents home for the summer, what can we do to ensure that our hard-earned money is going to those extra ice cream cones and not to the power company?  Here are five easy-to-implement ideas to protect your home, your wallet, and your sanity from summertime heat:

Unplug Small Appliances

Everything you plug into a socket in your home produces heat even when it is off.  Unplug your small appliances and lamps that aren’t frequently used around the house. If you have several small appliances, an easy way to do this is by plugging them into one surge protector and then simply unplugging that anytime you’re not using the appliances or not home.

Energy Efficient Bulbs

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs, such as LEDs, in those lamps that you DO leave plugged in.  By switching from a traditional 100 watts light bulb, you can decrease the heat by 11 degrees per hour in a small room.

Paint Colors

If you are considering a summertime remodel, using a light colored paint or finish will reflect more light and reduce your need for extra task lighting, thus reducing heat generation. While light grey or a neutral beige are popular choices, you can also opt for a dash of color with a light blue, peach or rose tone.


Don’t cook, or if you do cook, keep it outdoors.  Using the stove or oven indoors can heat things up, especially when it’s during the early evening hours and at peak times for hot temperatures.  Pre-plan your meals so you don’t need the oven or stove. Take advantage of those great farmer’s market produce finds to build a colorful salad, or throw some fish or burgers on the grill outside!

Ceiling Fans

Did you know that the base of your ceiling fan has a switch that changes the direction of the air flow?  During the summer months, your ceiling fans should blow forward in a counter-clockwise direction to force the air down, making you feel cooler. Using your fan can reduce the need for air conditioning while still allowing you to feel cool and comfortable all summer long.

If you’re remodeling your home, there are other things to consider such as insulation or the choice to add solar panels which can reduce your electric bill while keeping your comfortable even in the hottest summer months. Alair Homes Greenville is here to help you make the right choices for your family, your home and your budget. Contact us to talk through your home remodeling ideas, and we’ll share some valuable tips that can save you money immediately and on your future electric bills too.