If you are thinking about remodeling your Green Bay area home soon, you are not alone. Over time, many homeowners find that the décor and even the functional layout of their home is no longer ideal for the occupants’ needs. When this happens, the two primary options are to relocate to a new home or to remodel an existing space. Moving is a major upheaval that can cause considerable stress. It comes at a great expense in most cases, and it results in numerous permanent changes for the family. While remodeling a home also comes at a cost, the benefits of the end result are often tremendous. Before you determine if a home remodel is the right choice, it is important to consider the timing and cost of your project.

Factors That Affect Timing and Cost for Your Remodel

Each home improvement project is unique. Therefore, it is not possible to give a blanket figure for timing or cost. Consider that the size of your home and the availability of subcontractors at the time of your project will affect timing and cost. In addition, the materials affect both of these factors. For example, installing carpeting may take a day, but wood floor or tile installation can take several days or longer. To give you a very rough idea, however, a small kitchen remodel may take one to two weeks and may cost $10,000 to $20,000 using mid-range materials. A large kitchen remodel using high-end materials and finishes may cost more than $50,000 and take at least three to four weeks to complete. Moving electrical work, plumbing features and more or building onto your home can increase the cost and time considerably.

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How to Create the Right Plan for Your Home

Before you create a design plan for your upcoming project, consider how much money you realistically want to spend. In addition to using your cash reserves, you can take out a home equity loan, refinance your mortgage and use other similar sources of funds. Once you have a budget in mind for your project, prioritize a list of project ideas. Some people will be able to tackle all of their project ideas with the allocated budget, but others may only have funds available to complete the top few items on their list.


Remember to get contractor estimates for your project ideas to ensure that your budget is in line with your plans before you get started. When doing this, compare the estimates apples to apples rather than just focusing on the final number. Sometimes, it is possible to complete some of the project work yourself to save money. For example, they may demo the kitchen or rip up old flooring on their own. However, discuss this idea with your Alair Homes Green Bay general contractor before making a final decision. In some cases, it is better and even more cost effective to let the contractors complete all the work.

Remodeling your home is a smart way to update your space. A successful remodel can improve the style of the space as well as how it is used by a family. Consider costs and the timeline when making your home remodel decisions. Finally, discuss your plans with a qualified general contractor to ensure your estimates are accurate and realistic.