We love introductory meetings with prospective clients to hear and share their vision and to start to understand what is important to them. It’s during this time that we tend to see clients rapidly switch their focus between several different components when starting the process, trying to make sure that they have their bases covered and are not overlooking anything (plans, selections, budget, family function, natural light, specialty items, etc.). This is completely normal. It also can be completely overwhelming. We’ve seen the “deer in headlight” look on people’s faces before. One of our key goals is to make the process as easy, accurate and enjoyable as possible. We work to take to take the uncertainty out of the equation when it comes to building or remodeling a home. That’s where most people’s anxiety comes from.

We all have roles we play, and it’s a great starting point to better understand how we work together. One analogy could equate your building team to how a sports team functions.

What does it take?

Players: That’s probably one of the easiest roles to identify. Players are those who are really gifted in a certain role and who frankly are the ones executing.

Since we’re in Green Bay, let’s look at the Packers. We have our offense, defense, and special teams. They each have a specific job. They are good at it. They know exactly what they have to do when. They practice their craft and learn how to work well with their teammates to move the ball down the field towards the goal.

In building your home, these are our trade partners. The framers, plumbers, cabinet designers, product specialists – in all honesty, there are over 40 partners who help make your home a reality locally. It’s a large team that needs to work together, building off each other’s work, communicating, doing their jobs well to set up the next person for success.

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These are the people who coordinate, strategize, set the tone and vision for all the players. They have the general expertise to pull everything together. While they may not have the physical gift of throwing, catching or tackling, they know how to develop a sequence of plays.

They know how to develop a team of players and communicate what each person needs to do to be successful. They have a keen eye for looking ahead, minimizing risks and setting the team up for success.

In building your home, this is the general contractor. They set the tone for your project and are pivotal in scheduling, communication, quality control, and always being mindful of the vision and budget. The most important job is the strategy and executing all the components in a very specific order to minimize stress and ensure everyone is on the same page.


The people who cheer and support the team. In building your home, this most likely are friends and family who will enjoy your home once completed. Most of the time they will be excited to see the progress and your vision come to life.

But, like some sports fans, you have the Monday Morning quarterbacks. Those who have tons of advice on what and how things should be done differently. It’s great how much they care and want to help and many times can offer conversation points with the coach.

Team Owners

These are the individuals who are in control. They have the vision of what they want the team to be. They set the priorities for team budgets, goals and decisions. They may not have technical expertise in all the areas, but they are smart in identifying who they want to lock arms with in making their team successful.

In building a home, it’s the clients/homeowners. Most people want to build a home to reflect their family and style. It’s the clients who articulate what is important to them. It’s the clients who have the power to find the right partners to be their coaches through the process to take away the pressure of having to be experts in all areas. They can find the true partners who set up a strategic plan to prioritize when to look at plans, when and how to lock down the budget numbers, when and who to work with on making their vision come to life.

At Alair Homes Green Bay, we value partnering with busy, good-willed people to achieve their home vision. Based on client testimonials, we think you see it’s also a low-stress, enjoyable process!