Alair Homes is a recognized leader in the construction industry. The company continues to enjoy unprecedented growth and success as a result of their unique business model built on offering transparency, value and integrity. As their growth continues, the company is building successful franchises across North America and helping established general contractors to grow their businesses and improve their communities. Today, Green Bay is fortunate to add an Alair Homes franchise to their community. The company proudly welcomes Alair Homes Green Bay.

Alair Homes Green Bay offers quality home remodeling and custom home building services to this growing community.  The company is well situated to assist with projects of all scopes and sizes including bathroom remodels, kitchen renovations, finishing basements, adding additions and building custom homes in a variety of price points. Every client enjoys the same level of transparency regardless of the size of their project and a commitment to exceptional customer service and impressive workmanship directed by leading professionals in the design and construction industry.

This location is locally owned and operated by Andy and Nicole Selner. With more than 15-years of project management experience in the construction industry, Andy is extremely familiar with the complex processes involved in building or renovating a home. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that missteps are avoided and all phases of construction are managed with the professionalism and focus on quality construction that his clients deserve. Nicole completes the partnership and brings to the table an impressive professional resume in marketing and project management. She is laser focused on keeping the doors of communication open and providing information that helps clients to build better homes while saving more.

Of their decision to join Alair Homes, Andy states, “Nicole and I have enjoyed an incredible amount of success in the construction industry, and together, we made the decision that it was time to take our business to the next level. Networking and research brought us to Alair Homes. Like us, the entire team at Alair Homes is focused on taking steps to best serve clients. While making a profit is important, it is never the primary goal. Rather, the company focuses on figuring out ways to build it better, help clients find value and streamline communication so that everyone feels like they are an important part of the project. We value this approach and understand the true advantage that bringing it to Green Bay offers our clients and community.”

The transparency offered by Alair Homes Green Bay centers around the use of a proprietary online system. With this system, clients remain privy to all information surrounding construction in their homes. They take part in important decision making, schedule payments, review information and communicate with their project manager without delay. This system truly puts clients in the driver’s seat and helps them to achieve the results they want with less expense, less hassle and the expert guidance of a professional general contracting team.

Whether a client is building a new home in Astor Park or renovating the kitchen in their Appleton property, Alair Homes Green Bay has discovered an effective way to save them money while minimizing any sacrifices they have to make. The company has a large network of successful general contractors across North America, and they leverage the reputation this team has developed to secure incredible discounts on everything it takes to build or remodel a home. These savings are passed along to their clients with the same level of transparency the company remains committed to. This often results in a custom built home or home renovation project that achieves the client’s goals for less than they expected to pay.

If you are ready to build a home in Door County, add an addition in De Pere or upgrade your kitchen in Ledgeview, you owe it to yourself to consult with the experts at Alair Homes Green Bay. They offer complimentary, no obligation consultations by appointment only as an opportunity to learn more about your project and provide professional advice so you can make an informed choice. Contact them today to learn more.