An updated kitchen is not only more pleasant to live with, it can add value to a home. Not every homeowner may be ready to tackle a full-on remodeling project, but there are a couple of easy ways to update a kitchen with a little time, money, or effort:

1. Add color

Even without paint, it’s possible to liven up an outdated room with an accent color or two. Choose one or more bold colors, then look for prints, bowls, or other decor items that match. Bring swatches of the kitchen’s colors when shopping to avoid picking items that clash. For the best results when working with multiple accent colors, choose colors with the same saturation — they’ll look better together.

2. Bring in some new textures

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of texture in a kitchen. Most kitchens are flat by default — minimal texture in cabinets, work surfaces, and walls makes cleanup easier. While this is practical, it can make for a bland environment. Woven baskets, wooden blinds, rugs, and tea towels are all great ways to add texture to a room without compromising its functionality.

3. Add statement seating

Adding interesting statement seating to a room is a great way to give it a fresh new look. Kitchens with an island or breakfast bar benefit from the addition of bar stools, which range in style from French Country, to industrial, to sleek and modern. Bar stools are also a great way to add some lively color to an otherwise monochromatic room. They can be found cheaply online, or by keeping an eye on North Carolina’s classified ads for bars or restaurants selling their old seating.

4. Update old cabinets

For homeowners who like the size and placement of their cabinets, replacing their doors and giving them a fresh coat of paint or stain may be the easiest way to update them. For a modern, open look, cabinet doors can even be removed completely. It’s a great way to get the look of brand-new cabinets without the time and expense of replacing them.

5. Replace old lighting

Lighting fixtures are one of the quickest ways to change a room’s look. Vintage light fixtures can be found at thrift shops and estate sales in the Charlotte, NC, area for an eclectic or mid-century modern look, while sleek pendants or rugged iron fixtures are great for a modern industrial look. It doesn’t take much experience to replace a lighting fixture, but it can have a huge visual impact. It’s important to be careful with some vintage fixtures, however — they may need their old wiring replaced before they can be installed.

For many kitchens, a few accent pieces and fresh lighting fixtures can help delay the necessity of a remodel. For rooms that need some serious love, or families whose kitchens no longer fit their lifestyle, a remodel is the only way to go. Alair Homes Charlotte can help prove a stress-free, hands-on remodeling experience that saves you time and money.