Charlotte is notable for its modern appeal and lifestyle, but residential architecture is one aspect of the Queen City that doesn’t quite fit this trend. Some of the most desirable and well-established neighborhoods in Charlotte maintain the historical characteristics of this southern city. The following are examples of some historical architectural styles found in and around Charlotte. Perhaps some of these styles will influence the design of your next home project.

Greek Revival

Perhaps the most common example of Greek Revival architecture can be found in many public buildings, such as state capitals. Noted for its dignified columns and pediments, there are many aspects of this architectural style that you can bring to your home. Embellished windows, moldings, and even a painted plaster exterior make for an easier and cheaper version of your own Parthenon.

Tudor Revival

For those who tend to be on the more rustic side, Tudor Revival architecture may be perfect for you. This style stems from medieval homes, but the much less extreme form of this can be found in many cottage houses. Many homes throughout Charlotte mimic characteristics of this architectural style, whether it be including tall mullioned windows, high chimneys, or intricate roofs.


Despite being more popular in the Northeastern US, this style still has quite a bit of prevalence in Charlotte. Its boldest feature is the cupola, a little square tower centrally located on the roof. Its sloping roofs and rounded windows are key features as well.


Antebellum style homes are probably the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Southern architecture, as these are the homes that resemble the massive pre-Civil War plantation homes many see in movies. This was a popular architecture style in Charlotte. Antebellum tends to be a mix of several architectural styles, with the ideas of graceful front pillars stemming from Greek Revival architecture. The beauty of this style of architecture is that there is plenty to chose from, whether it be large chimneys, evenly spaced windows, or the renowned pillars. Many homeowners in Charlotte have a tendency to include certain, and sometimes all, aspects of this architectural style.

And much, much more…

Other architectural styles that depict the Charlotte of long ago are: Colonial Revival, Victorian, Bungalow, Mill House, and Art Deco. One of the best ways to view Charlotte’s historical architecture is to take a ride down some of the tree lined streets in Myers Park, Dilworth, Elizabeth, and Plaza-Midwood. The City of Charlotte has designated the following 6 neighborhoods as Local Historic Districts: Dilworth, Fourth Ward, Plaza-Midwood, Wesley Heights, Hermitage Court, and Wilmore.

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