Calling up your local Charlotte, NC home builder to get a quick quote is not as simple as it seems. Pricing a custom-built new home requires more than just knowing the basic cost per-square-footage, it is much more complex than that.

Why Square Foot Pricing Doesn’t Work

Some new home manufactures will quote you a price based on square-footage. But, these quotes are for mass produced homes, with very limited variations to plans, model styles or options. The prices don’t include necessary features and your “must-have” amenities and extras.

Because your custom-built home should be the home of your dreams, the customizations you choose drive the total costs of your Queen City home. Where you choose to build your home matters too. It will be much less expensive to build a simple home near North Carolina State University than a luxury home in Eastover.

How Much Do Custom Homes Cost in Charlotte, SC?

At Alair Homes Charlotte, we want to create your perfect and unique dream home within your budget. Here are some of the many factors that can determine the cost of building a new home in Charlotte:

Only after all of these questions are answered can your local home builder help you with the cost of building a new home. You’ll start by looking at plans and pictures of custom-built homes we’ve built for others in the past. Then, your customizations can begin!

But, for any of this to happen, you must come in and sit down with your local Charlotte home builder in-person, to find out the cost of a new home to fit your budget.

Putting You In Control of Costs

It is very important that you receive the house you want at a price you can afford, but also while staying completely informed throughout the process. Alair Homes Charlotte tracks their projects using a scientific management system called Client Control. This helps them stay on budget and complete jobs on time. This improve efficiency, and keeps costs down while letting you keep track of every step of the project.