Let’s start with a question: Have you ever gone through a major home remodel?

If you have, think about your experience. Did the project come in on time and on budget? Chances are the answer is “no.” Just because your project ended up taking longer (or costing more) than was originally estimated doesn’t mean anything was done wrong or anyone was dishonest.

Remodeling is, after all, a process not a product. (You can’t purchase a “home remodel” off-the-shelf at a big box store!)

Major remodels, in particular, have many moving parts. With each material selection, every placed order, every sub-contractor hired, every pre-existing condition uncovered, the reality is there are more and more opportunities for the cost of your project to grow. This unpredictability of the final cost can be – understandably – very frustrating for the homeowner. Often the homeowner feels powerless during the process and even manipulated or lied to by the general contractor: “You said the project would cost this much and take this long.”

Remodeling doesn’t have to be this way.

Alair Homes’ company philosophy is one of empowering the homeowner and including the homeowner in every decision or action that affects the price of their project. There are no surprise “add on” costs. There are no unexplained changes in price or delays in the schedule. We do not load our quotes with vague allowances nor do we provide a fixed-price contract that you would have to accept without knowing how the final price was determined. With Alair there is 100% transparency in the pricing of your project.

There is also, a level of partnership between Alair Homes and the homeowner not seen elsewhere in our industry.

What are the benefits to the homeowner in choosing Alair Homes:

Client control

The homeowner is involved throughout the planning and production process. All decisions regarding material selections, scope of work, the selections of sub-contractors and/or trade specialists are made in consultation with the homeowner. Alair utilizes our online platform to communicate with the homeowner and keep all the moving pieces neat and organized … there’s no searching for an old email or someone trying to remember what was said on a phone call. Alair doesn’t just want the homeowner to be involved with their project – we insist on it.


All costs, prices, quotes – everything that goes into determining the price of your project – is provided to the homeowner for their approval and sign-off.

You will literally see what the electrician is charging us.

Transparency applies to more than pricing. Our online platform will allow you to view your project’s schedule. The schedule is updated by the Project Manager daily and allows the homeowner to know at a moment’s notice what will be happening at their home on any given day. There will still be the occasional delay (remember, “remodeling is a process, not a product!”) but when there is a delay the schedule will be updated and you will be notified.


One of the most common complaints from homeowners who have gone through the remodeling process is a lack of communication by the contractor. This won’t happen with Alair Homes. Your project will have a dedicated Project Manager. He will be your primary source of contact. You will be given his cell phone number and email address AND you will be encouraged to use it. The Alair Homes administrative staff, carpenters, and Managing Members will also be here to assist with your project.

Finally, our online platform makes daily communication from the Project Manager mandatory. Even if your job was rained out for the day or the painter’s on hold because you’re still mulling over paint colors, you’ll hear from us.

Client control / Transparency / Communication / Just three of the things that makes Alair Homes special.

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