Tiles come in a tempting array of patterns, materials, colors and finishes. Each type of tile can look and function a bit differently in your home, so your selections will make a big difference in your home’s appearance and usability. Alair Homes Charlotte gives you a few of the trendiest options for tiles right now.

Glossy Porcelain Tiles

Glossy, reflective tiles can evoke feelings of cleanliness and luxury. Choose glossy porcelain tiles if

  • You’re looking for a durable flooring solution in high-traffic areas.
  • You want a surface that’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • Your interior space would benefit from the bright, airy feeling that results from a bit of extra reflected light wherever the tiles are installed.

Shimmering Metallic Tiles

Gold, copper and silver are some of the trendiest interior colors right now. Homeowners can introduce opulent colors into a room without the effect getting too gaudy by using shimmering metallic tiles.

Choose metallic tiles if

  • You want to introduce an aura of drama into the space you’re tiling.
  • You have a small surface area that could benefit from polishing up.

Colorful Glazed Subway Tiles With a High-Gloss Finish

Homeowner don’t only have the option of plain white for subway tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. In spaces where white could seem overly sterile, you can banish the clinical look by choosing a more colorful treatment.

Choose vibrantly colored subway tiles if

  • You’d like to introduce some bold color into your living space.
  • You want a tough, durable and easily scrub-able backsplash or other surface for easy cleaning.

Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are noteworthy for their bold patterning that encompasses each entire piece of tile rather than simply being present on the tile’s surface. Choose encaustic tiles if

  • You want your tile flooring to be the dominant pattern in the room where it is installed.
  • You want to add a bohemian or exotic element to a particular space in your home.

Terra Cotta Tiles

If you can’t get enough of terra cotta’s warm look, you have a couple of options for tiles. Genuine terra cotta tiles are made of kiln-fired clay and have a matte surface that requires sealing. Terra cotta colored ceramic tiles are a less expensive alternative.

Here in the southeastern USA, either variety of terra cotta tiles make wonderful flooring for kitchens or bedrooms. Area rugs overtop can keep the deep color from overwhelming your room.

Choose terra cotta tiles if

  • You want a timeless look that can be evocative of a variety of historic styles.
  • You love the visual warmth terra cotta can add to the atmosphere in your home.

Here at Alair Homes Charlotte, we have extensive experience specifying and installing tiles in a variety of settings: in the bathroom flooring, shower surrounds, kitchen flooring, kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, foyers, mudroom areas and sometimes even as the sole flooring solution in entire homes. Give us a call if you need help with choosing the right tiles or installing them in any area of your home.