Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood was listed in 1987 on the National Register of Historic Places.

Edward Dilworth Latta established Dilworth, a neighborhood just south of uptown Charlotte, in the 1890s. Dilworth’s initial claim to fame was as Charlotte’s first suburb serviced by streetcar. The neighborhood features two prominent parks (Latta Park and Sedgefield Park), bungalow-style homes with front porches begging to have iced-tea sipped on them, and an abundance of grand oak trees.

A beautiful neighborhood with real character, Dilworth earned recognition from the National Register of Historic Places who, in 1987, dubbed the neighborhood – Dilworth Historic District. Now, as a proud member of the National Register of Historic Places, the same Dilworth community that earned this recognition will be forever protected with strong building guidelines created and enforced with one goal – preserve the neighborhood’s magic.

Dilworth landmarks include Charlotte’s Dilworth United Methodist Church. The church, and its stately façade, resides a stone’s throw away from the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral where the beloved Yiasou Greek festival is held every year. Routinely named as Charlotte’s favorite festival, the Yiasou (the Greek word for Hello, Goodbye and Cheers) begin in 1978 and features authentic Greek cuisine and pastries, entertainment, cultural events and art. It’s not to be missed.

Dilworth offers some of the best and most eclectic shopping in the city. Paper Skyscraper, a charming and locally owned book and gift store, is perennially named best gift store in Charlotte. Alpine Ski Center offers all the skiing, snowboarding and disc golf equipment you can want just steps away from Petal Boutique, a high-end women’s clothier.

All the shopping making you hungry? Grab a coffee at Dilworth Coffee and a made-to-order maple iced donut from Duck Donuts. Or, if it’s closer to lunchtime, take a leisurely walk down picturesque East Boulevard – watch out for the joggers! – until you get to Big Daddy’s Burger Bar. Order a starter of fried pickles and a Sam I Am Burger. You’re guaranteed to leave satisfied!

Dilworth, whether you visit for the food, the parks, the festivals, the picturesque homes, the shopping, or the people watching, you can be guaranteed to have a great time.