If your two-story home lacks space, you might be considering a Charlotte home renovation to add a room or expand your square footage. While the value of adding space is significant, these types of home remodels can be costly, and sometimes, it’s difficult to fit them into the budget. Fortunately, there just might be another solution. Using the space under the stairs in your Charlotte home is a great way to make use of what is often wasted square footage, and this type of renovation will usually set you back a lot less than a larger scale addition potentially would.

When Your Charlotte Home Lacks Storage

For a home that lacks storage, using the space under your stairs is practical and relatively easy to accomplish. Replacing the wall in that area of the home with tall cabinets or drawers gives you lots of area to store winter clothes, towels, cleaning supplies or even your ironing board, broom and mop. Paint the exterior of these cabinets and drawers to match your stairs, and they will practically disappear into the space around them. To add a little fun to the space, simply install a few eclectic knobs and pulls.

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Creating Privacy with a Comfortable Reading Nook

If you are longing for a little privacy, how about building a comfortable reading nook under the stairs in your Charlotte home? For this renovation, work with your general contractor and install some built-in bookshelves underneath the stairs. If you have an extensive library, the bookshelves can even travel up the stairs to add visual interest to your home. Once the renovation is complete, finish the space off with a comfortable chair, soft rug and decorative lamp atop a simple table. Creating this area won’t break the bank, and it just might quickly become one of your favorite rooms in the house.

A Special Place for Your Children

To give your children a place to relax and play, the area under your stairs works perfectly as a playroom and reading den. Close the area off, and paint the interior in a fun and vibrant color to make it feel larger and more appealing. Fill the space with a shelf or two and bins to hold their favorite toys. Instead of furniture in the room, stick to lots of pillows and beanbags on the floor that they can rearrange and get comfortable in as they play. Complete the playroom with some art on the wall, and close it off with a barn door that provides privacy as the children grow.

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A Spot for Working from Home in Charlotte

For telecommuters who live in a Charlotte home that is lacking a dedicated room to work in, the space under your stairs can be transformed into a great office or study. This renovation requires adding a built-in desk, some customized bookshelves and places to store books, computer equipment and other office needs. With the help of a creative Charlotte general contractor, you can incorporate the stairs into the desk by building them atop it, or use them for extra storage by adding drawers.

If your Charlotte home is lacking in square footage, the right solution just might be to take advantage of the space underneath your stairs. There are so many different ways to redesign this part of your home, and one of them is certain to enhance your family’s lifestyle and make your home more appealing too. The professional general contractors at Alair Homes Charlotte are ready to assist with this or any other home renovation project. Give us a call to request your free, no obligation consultation.