Building a custom home enables complete control of a living space. Before tackling the project, it’s important to remember that the final outcome will be rather permanent, so it’s important to get it right the first time and take everything into consideration. The right plan will result in a dream home that’s both convenient and highly appealing. Alair Homes Charlotte recommends diligently following these seven essential steps when building a dream house.

1. Have a Vision

The first important step is to have an ultimate vision of what the house will be like. Make sure that it satisfies both practical and personal needs, ensuring not only convenience both financially and physically, but other aspects as well. Also, keep in mind the approximate amount of acreage, or property, that’s available to work with. Final cost is another thing to be looked at, moving to the next step: establishing a budget.

2. Stick to a Budget

Obviously, one will need to first establish their total budget and stick with it. More importantly, all costs will need to be considered and included. It’d be rather inconvenient to get hopes up with a certain design or plan, only to find that there were other costs that weren’t considered. Primary costs while building a custom home include general construction, tile material, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, appliances, counter tops, closet interiors, bathroom accessories, painting and decorating, light fixtures and misc hardware, permits, utility charges and landscaping, along with architectural and engineering fees.

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3. Get Some Property

Obtain property in a location that best fits personal ambitions and goals, along with their dream home design. Consider the location’s climate as well, along with landscaping features. Prices of property very significantly from location to location, as the saying goes when it comes to real estate. The location’s climate heavily determines what landscaping plants can and cannot be grown.

4. Create a Team

Gather a team that will be beneficial to the ultimate dream home, preferably consisting of at least one professional architect. An architect will give all the ideas and necessary things to consider while designing the dream home. They’ll also be able to foresee and solve any possible roadblocks that one may run into along the way.

5. Plan Diligently

While making the blue prints, make sure to include every little detail of both the entire house and property, inside and out. One should consider the many “what ifs” as well, such as possible floods, wind damage, maintenance fees, building codes and the like. Research into exactly how the entire blueprint will get fulfilled from start to finish. Give each plan, or goal, a realistic deadline to meet.

6. Shop Around

Make sure to shop around to get the best deals on architects, construction workers, frame builders and other related costs.

7. Be Diligent

Roadblocks, such as troubles in construction, permit fees and waiting times, will come along way. The important thing is to not be discourage and keep pursuing the little goals. A good team will push through red tape much easier.