When renovating a home or condo, it is important to remember that each project has its own process. The strategies, details and limitations are different for a condominium. You are sure to have a successful renovation when you follow these steps.

Find Out The Rules

The first step is to contact your condominium association to find out the renovation rules. You need to find out what types of materials are permitted, which elevator to use and when the renovation can take place. You should also add two months to your timeline to ensure your contractor has time to complete the job.

Know Your Reasons For Renovating

If you are renovating for personal reasons, plan your project around how long you plan to stay in your condominium. It is best to look at portable upgrades if you are not staying longer than five years. This way, you can take the portable pieces to your new home.

If you are adding resale value, it is best to focus on the smart investments and skip the cosmetic details. Your upgrades should include the flooring, walls, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom fixtures.

Find Out Your Limits

The last thing you want is to get excited over an idea that you cannot make a reality. You want to find out the limitations of your renovation before you even start planning the project. It may be against the rules to make certain cosmetic changes, or you may find structures that cannot be moved or opened.

Focus On Elements

Bathroom fixtures such as the sink or toilet cannot be moved unless you want to break the bank. It is best to focus on the beautiful elements, such as an attractive shower curtain. Your white fixtures are sure to look great with pale white tiles. You can add a bit of character to your bathroom with a bold vanity.

Dropped Ceilings

The cement ceilings make it hard to upgrade the lighting, reroute the ventilation or install a hood fan. The solution is to install dropped ceilings on the areas you wish to upgrade.

Avoid Tearing Down

There are certain areas that are better to build up rather than tear down. Are you looking to add elegant moldings to your condominium? It is not easy to upgrade a metal door frame, but you can invest in a molding that is meant to layer over the frame.

Learn To Prioritize

It is important to figure out which details are really a priority in your condominium. You may have your eye on a large refrigerator and double sink for the kitchen, but imagine how much space you could save if you go with the smaller refrigerator.

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Fresh Coat of Paint

If you are not planning to live in your condo forever, you may be hesitant to add a fresh coat of paint to your space. You do not have to worry because it will not take your entire budget to change the shade during your renovation.

Enlist A Third Party

Enlist in a third party to work around the rules of the condominium association. A tradesperson or designer can help with the decorating, delivery and construction.

Stay Elsewhere

The clutter, noise and lack of space can be stressful during a renovation. You can avoid the stress by making other living arrangements until the renovation is complete.

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When you follow the steps and hire a qualified contractor, you are sure to be happy with your condo renovation.