The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. Since it is a high use area, it can quickly become dirty. The task of keeping it clean is sometimes a lot to manage and difficult to find time for. If you want to make the bathroom easier to clean and keep tidy, there are a few design ideas to consider.

1. Add a Shower Base

Instead of installing tile on your shower floor, consider installing a solid piece of material for the shower floor base that will prevent you from having to scrub the grout.

2. Use Glass Coating That is Spot-Resistant

When adding shower or tub enclosures, request a protective glass coating. This finish is spot-resistant and essentially, self cleans the shower each time you use the shower. The glass will continue to look new and beautiful without having to spend as much time using glass cleaner or a squeegee.

3. Select Larger Tiles

Eliminating the amount of grout that is present in the room makes it easier to clean. To accomplish this while still incorporating tile in your design, add larger tiles for the shower and floor areas. Avoid using tile for counter top or tub deck surfaces, instead use larger one piece slab material. The elimination of grout lines may also makes the space appear regal and chic.

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4. Use a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

One of the most challenging areas to wipe down in the bathroom is on the frame of the shower where mold and grime often develops over time. The plastic sealant can also begin to wear down the more that the area is cleaned. Instead, consider installing a glass shower enclosure that is frameless. This design choice will offer a high level of convenience and also looks more modern and attractive.

5. Choose Fixtures That are Resistant to Spots

From the faucets to the fixtures, many areas can become dirty due to spots and fingerprints from both children and adults. Consider the color and finish of your fixtures and select those that will be easier to keep clean.

6. Install a Toilet Seat That Can Be Removed

Many people are unaware that certain toilet seats have a slide-off option. This simple design feature makes it easier to quickly remove the seat and scrub underneath. When the seat is slid back on, the feature is virtually undetectable.

7. Take Advantage of Antimicrobial Surfaces

Select toilet seats and other materials that have this protective coating when designing your bathroom. These coatings are resistant to odors and stains, so you scrub less while still keeping your toilets clean.

8. Mount the Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets make it easy to dust and mop underneath the fixture while saving time. The fixture also has a modern and minimal design, which contributes to the style of the room.

9. Use Quartz

More homeowners are taking advantage of quartz, which looks similar to marble but can be more cost effective. This engineered material is more durable and will not succumb to scratches or stains as easily as natural stone.

10. Purchase a Toilet with a Skirted Base

There are many different crevices present under standard toilets where dirt and debris can accumulate. Select a toilet that has a skirted base, so the task of cleaning it is faster, easier and more efficient.

There are many design features that make your bathroom easier to clean and more attractive too. Consider this list as a starting place while you work through the process of designing and building your beautiful Charlotte custom home. At Alair Homes Charlotte we can guide you through this process and suggest many more options that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your project.