Homeowners often turn to Alair Homes Bonita Springs for assistance designing their dream kitchens. Many people enter the kitchen design process unsure of what they want. That can lead to confusion, delays, extra costs or even a renovation that fails to meet their expectations. We are committed to helping clients enjoy a more productive remodeling process. Here are a few questions that we advise asking yourself before you get started.

1. What Are My Core Goals?

Establish a mission statement for your new kitchen the same way you would a new business. Do you love to cook? Do you eat in the kitchen? Is modern elegance paramount? These kinds of big picture answers will set the stage for all of the small decisions you’ll have to make.

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2. What Does My Wish List Entail?

Make a list of all of the features and characteristics you want. Think pie in the sky. You’ll probably have to make compromises, so the next step is to prioritize and then pare them down until you have a wish list for your kitchen renovation that’s both manageable and affordable.

3. Where Should I Make Compromises?

This question will take place while you are paring down your wish list. Be honest with yourself, and discuss your thoughts with your project manager. If there’s a particular appliance you want but know that you won’t use much, then this is an ideal compromise. Your budget should be fairly consistent, so avoid selections that are too high and too low in price.

4. How Do I Make Efficient Use of My Space?

Layout is integral to kitchen design. This is another place where you should never be afraid to reach out to a home builder for professional advice. You need to determine locations for outlets, appliances, cooking, eating and just spaces to be.

5. Where Will the Lighting and HVAC Equipment Go?

Lighting has to create the right atmosphere as well as illuminate cooking areas, and you’ll want to plan ahead so as to avoid obstructions. The same is true for ventilation as well as the registers that will deliver heated and cooled air.

6. Are Building Permits Required?

You may be surprised at what does require a building permit, and a home builder can be a great help in this regard as well. If you do need permits for your kitchen design project, then applying for them as early as possible will make the entire process easier.

7. How’s My Style?

Think back to your mission statement. View the choices and concessions you’ve made within that context. Now, begin to settle on your style. Choose an overall aesthetic that’s right for your personality but also the space you’ve designed and the home as a whole as well.

8. How Do I Determine the Details?

You’re going to have make a lot of fine choices from your faucets and sinks to your electrical outlets and kitchen adornments. Making these little choices can be hard, but you can make that process a lot easier by eliminating anything that doesn’t perfectly suit your mission statement and chosen aesthetic and layout.

9. Which Builder Should I Hire?

Finally, you need to decide which company to hire, and this is undoubtedly a big step. It will determine how well, affordably and timely your vision will be realized. Take the time to vet these builders, and gravitate toward full-service contractors rather than those that must subcontract to complete the job. Alair Homes Whistler welcomes the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.