When it comes to considering elements to add to your custom home, a company like Alair Homes Bonita Springs can help with your dreams of having some fantastic features. Whether it is those quality hardwood floors, beautiful marble kitchen countertops, or energy efficient bathroom amenities, there are so many features worth adding. Consider these elements to make the home uniquely your own.

Spa Bathroom

A spa bathroom provides you with an exquisite sanctuary for relaxation. Think first-class hotels here, and include features like marble floors, surround sound speaker systems, a gorgeous claw foot tub and multiple shower heads. Other features to add might include heated floors, towel drying racks or even a working fireplace and television or even ceiling mounted showers that are powered by LED technology finalize your spa bathroom.

Commercial-grade Kitchen

The kitchen is where food is prepared and family bonding occurs. Today, fantastic features like double dishwashers, restaurant-quality cooktops and ranges, wine chillers and technology driven refrigerators are available to make your kitchen both attractive and convenient.

Wine Cellar

When considering top amenities for your home, wine aficionados love a fabulous wine cellar. Depending on the size of your home, you can add a small cellar right off the kitchen or transform an entire level of your home into a large cellar with a seating nook and tasting area. Climate control and proper insulation are extremely important in this area, so work with your Alair Homes Bonita Springs general contractor as you design and develop the space.

Dressing Room

A walk-in closet makes the perfect dressing room in your custom home. Whether you are getting ready in the morning or preparing for a special date, you’ll love the extra space, convenient storage and functional mirrors and seating area. Consider your wardrobe as you design your dressing room. If you love shoes, add more open cabinets for storage. If dresses and skirts fill your closet, make sure to include plenty of hanging rods to fill with beautiful wooden hangers. Add a mirror or two and the perfect overhead lighting to complete your space.

Home Office

For small-business owners, entrepreneurs, or high-profile business people, the home office is rising in popularity. This provides a place to get work done while still staying close to the family and enjoying work / life balanc. Focus on a more modern and ergonomic approach for your home office to increase productivity. Add the right kind of storage with custom bookshelves and cabinetry, and complete your office with conveniently placed usb outlets, temperature control units and extra seating to accommodate visiting clients.

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Outdoor Living Space

With the sea and the sand so close by in Bonita Springs, families love to get outdoors. Whether you are entertaining friends or simply having dinner with the family, an outdoor kitchen makes the task a lot more fun. Include a grill, prep space, a sink and even a refrigerator. Other ideas include a pizza oven or high-end fire pit surrounded by lush seating. Finish your space with a pool, tropical wood deck or paved patio space to create a gorgeous oasis and the perfect stay-cation spot.

Building your new home involves making plenty of decisions, many of which impact how you will use and enjoy your home. Consider the features you want to add most, and discuss them with your general contractor to create a clear plan for bringing your vision to life.