The trim in your Charleston home probably is not something you play a lot of attention to, but it plays a more important role than you might realize. White trim in particular brings life to a space, and even the inexpensive act of touching it up can make your home feel new, fresh, clean and refreshed. White trim is timeless, meaning you will never have to worry about changing it out to appeal to match your décor or appeal to a future homebuyers, and it is also functional in ways you might not realize.

There are plenty of cute, beach-inspired or vintage homes in Charleston, but some are lacking in space. While having more space might not be important to you, making the space you have look larger and more appealing probably is. A simply way to accomplish this task without knocking down walls or building new rooms is with your trim.

Making Windows in Your Charleston Home Look Larger

To make windows look larger, frame them with white, oversized trim that is about 6-inches wide. The same trick works for doors or even walkways into a room. Large baseboards that are about 8-inches tall will make a room feel more spacious, and this is trick is often used by Charleston design professionals who want to paint rooms in rich hues without making the space feel cramped or tiny.

Accentuate the Positive

White, ornate trim can also be used to accentuate positives in your Charleston home. If you have a beautiful archway or great doorway, enhance it with white trim and door casings, and take your space to the next level. To make the detail stand out even more, pair it with darker colors and rich hues on the walls. Remember that these details stand out the most when the trim is crisp and clean. A simple Magic Eraser or some touch up paint should do the trick to keep your trim looking pristine.

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Creating Serenity in Your Charleston Home

Sometimes, the goal of a homeowner is to create serenity and a seamless look. White trim can help you to accomplish this too. By painting your trim in a shade that matches built-in bookshelves and surrounding walls, it will practically disappear into the space so that your walls are not the focal point at all. Instead, your family and guests can focus on the pops of color you have added to the room with fun accessories, decorative pillows or colorful furniture pieces. A great trick to keep the room from feeling busy is to find one color or color family that you love for these pops of color, and stick to that throughout the space.

The Charleston Master Bath of Your Dreams

To create a Charleston master bathroom that really stands out, use white trim as crown molding and for decorative trimmed-out mirrors in the space. This can give the room a spa-like feel that is inviting, relaxing and serene. Tie the room together with white cabinets and soothing shades of aqua or popular subway tiles on the floor or walls. Add a couple of candles and some crisp, white towels to create a spa oasis that all will envy.

Bring in More Light to Your Charleston Home

Finally, use white trim to bring the illusion of more light into your room. Frame transom windows with a polished, soft white color to help them disappear into the room and enhance their natural ability to bring in light. The white will reflect light, and give the appearance of a clean, shining space. The same idea can be used for windows to the exterior throughout your home, helping every room to feel more inviting and more attractive too.

Trim is a sometimes overlooked detail that plays an important role in any home renovation. It can be used to beautiful a space, bring in more light and accentuate all that is positive about your Charleston home. If you are ready to remodel, discuss your trim options with Alair Homes Charleston’s general contractors to discover all these benefits for yourself. We’re always available to talk about your goals and provide a free, no obligation consultation.