Concrete is one of the most versatile materials used in construction and interior design. It has served us well as a building product for thousands of years. Concrete has been widely used in commercial and industrial projects for floors and walls. It has gained popularity in kitchen design over the past 15 to 20 years. You might be surprised to learn that concrete is also widely used in bathrooms, though there isn’t much written about the use of concrete in residential bathrooms. Let’s attempt to change that here.

Vanity Countertops

The use of concrete in kitchens for countertops has come a long way. At first, we saw the standard gray with a little aggregate and a waterproof sealer. In the last decade, concrete counter specialists have perfected the process of making smooth, polished, colorful countertops available. This is very cool for bathrooms, where you might want to add a pop of color with a contemporary vibe.


One of the nicest features of concrete is that it can be poured to any shape and without lips or concealed edges for moisture and debris to build up in. A sink can be integrated into a seamless, single pour countertop surface. This makes cleaning a cinch.

Shower Surrounds

Surrounding the walls of your shower with poured concrete allows the freedom of creating inset or recessed shelves and stepped areas for seating. With proper reinforcing and formwork, design options are endless. Your shower can be rectangular or have curved walls.


We are even seeing concrete poured into the shape of bathing tub. This can be done as a built-in or a freestanding piece. Again, the design possibilities are many.


One of the nicest things about a concrete slab floor is that you can embed a radiant heating system into it easily. Concrete is a great vehicle for holding and transferring heat into a room. A monolithic pour of concrete creates a water-resistant and virtually maintenance free surface.

When deciding whether to use concrete in your new or remodeled bathroom, be sure to speak with a knowledgeable professional like the team at Alair Homes Charleston to help you understand the benefits, costs, and design options. Always use a skilled craftsman to achieve the best results when deciding to use concrete for interior surfaces.