15 Sep How to Correct Common Design Mistakes

In Interior Design Ideas by Alair Homes

If you are not happy with the way your home decor looks, the problem can be corrected in a few simple steps. Changing the lighting… Read More

29 Aug Discuss These 10 Topics With Your Contractor Before Work Starts

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

You picked out your contractor. You have the plans all ready to go. Your renovation project is ready to go. Before the first worker swings… Read More

21 Jul New Life

In local by Alair Homes

My daughter was born this past month. It’s funny how something can change your perspective so quickly. Of course, I have known and expected her… Read More

19 Jul Custom Home Recipes

In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Alair Homes Charleston is one of the leading home contracting companies in the Charleston area. Today we will take a look at how long it takes… Read More

27 Jun A New Family Vehicle

In local by Alair Homes

My wife Jessica and I are currently shopping for a car. OK, not a car, a minivan. We swore when we were younger (and cooler)… Read More

21 Jun 5 Tax Deductions We Bet You Didn’t Know

In news by Alair Homes

According to Money magazine, the IRS offers people many ways to reduce your taxable income. Here are 5 of the lesser known deductions: Home Renovation… Read More


In Custom Home Builder by Alair Homes

Smart homes are one of the hottest trends in the real estate market. Outfitting a home with remote access amenities exponentially increases convenience and comfort… Read More

30 May 10 Ways You Never Thought of Laying Tile

In Bathroom Remodeling by Alair Homes

If you’re completing a home remodel, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the benefits of tile. As a professional from Alair Homes Charleston… Read More

27 May Do You Like To Be “Sold”?

In local by Alair Homes

My business line rang, it wasn’t a number I recognized, but it was a local area code so I picked it up. “Hello, this is… Read More

28 Apr DIY Projects: Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Spring in Charleston is the perfect time of year for home DIY projects. With a bit of time, energy and creativity, you can breathe new… Read More

21 Mar DIY Projects: How to Display Your Digital Photos

In DIY Home Improvements by Alair Homes

Pictures can capture many moments in life such as a wedding, graduation, the birth of a child, soaring down a roller coaster. These photos are… Read More

16 Feb Where to Use Concrete in Your Bathroom

In Bathroom Remodeling by Alair Homes

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials used in construction and interior design. It has served us well as a building product for thousands… Read More

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