My daughter was born this past month. It’s funny how something can change your perspective so quickly. Of course, I have known and expected her arrival for some time, but her presence is now tangible (and noisy!). I have 2 other children (boys), but Heidi’s arrival brings a new wave of emotion. The best way I can describe it is perhaps, “heaviness”. Not in a negative fashion, but an additional layer of responsibility, another life that is looking directly at me for….everything I guess.

I see the wisdom of God in layering responsibility on us, little by little. As we are each faced with life’s new challenges, we grow, and our backs get a little bit harder to shoulder the load. I see that growth in my wife, as she becomes the mother and caretaker for 3 lives now. I see it in my team, as they take on more complex projects, and a high standard. I see it in myself, to fulfill my potential, and not to fall short with “good enough”.

The birth of Heidi brings responsibility, but with that comes incredible joy. She is a center of pure potential, a new star just created, with unlimited power to love and be loved. Her future is bright, and I am honored to be part of it.

Welcome, Heidi.