My wife Jessica and I are currently shopping for a car. OK, not a car, a minivan. We swore when we were younger (and cooler) we would never get a minivan, but a third child on the way has changed Jessica’s mind.

Last weekend she suggested we stop by a dealership. “No way.” I flatly responded. I didn’t do any research, I had no clue what I wanted, and I felt I needed to arm myself for battle. I didn’t want some car salesman pressuring me, calling me, following up, showing me things I didn’t want, etc. So, we got home, and we started looking around on the internet for cars. I just wanted the safe confines of my bedroom and my computer to look at every option. I could see dozens of cars, with dozens of options, and all different price points.

I thought, “Wow. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could do this with their home?” I would love to be able to snap my fingers, and show someone every possible option and price for anything they possibly could want to do. In the custom contracting world, that isn’t so easy to do.

How can I help them feel safe and confident while they are figuring out all their pricing and options? How could I make someone feel like they were in their living room, checking out all the prices and options before buying?

This is what appealed to me about Alair; I could be transparent. I could show all the pricing and my profit. I could show them all the options in a safe environment. They could build their perfect project on paper, and they would know what all the options could cost before they were committed and it was too late.

It took the pressure off. I like that.