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Choosing the right kitchen countertop for you:


This is still a very popular choice, but the competition is heating up!

Pros: Durable (even more than marble), resistant to heat and stains (when sealed) will last a lifetime, will not scratch and has a high resale value.

Cons: Requires some maintenance (sealant) and can crack if stressed or installed improperly, very common, not unique.

Cost: Can start at $40 per foot

Engineered Stone (Silestone)

It is composed of about 90% quartz.

Pros: Non-porous, resistant to stains and scratches, no sealants required and available in larger range of colors than granite.

Cons: Not heatproof

Cost: $60-$80 per square foot


A favorite in historic homes.

Pros: Smooth feel, fabulous natural gray color, heat resistant and scratches fade and can be sanded out.

Cons: Needs regular maintenance (applications of mineral oil), may darken over time.

Cost: $75-$150 per square foot

There are other options such as wood, stainless steel and concrete. These are all good options as
well it mostly comes down to personal style and what will work best for your home.