Hurricane Florence is soon expected to hit, and Summerville is well within the danger zone. Many stores are currently closed, and the ones that are open have empty shelves. Residents have been busy preparing for the storm to hit, and the streets will soon seem silent as many will leave or head indoors.

We’re currently in full preparation mode for the storm, but in a couple of days, it’ll be behind us, and the time will be here to start recovering, rebuilding and getting back to a more normal life. When it comes to getting started in that process, the experts have some advice to share, and it’s worth paying attention to.

Safety First

Checking the perimeter of your house and starting to cleanup inside and out is important after a storm. It helps you to get back to feeling normal, and it can even reduce the severity of damage. However, it’s essential to stay safe in this process. Look out for things like flooded streets, down power lines, fallen trees and potential gas leaks. If these things are present, stay away from the area until local officials can address the problem and give you the green light to reenter the area.

Mitigate Damage

Once you feel safe entering your home, some damage might become immediately obvious. Perhaps the storm caused a leak in your roof, blew out a window or even damaged a door. To mitigate the damages, make some immediate but temporary repairs. A tarp or a few boards will help to keep your home safe from further damage until real repairs can be made.

Prepare for the Adjuster

When it’s time to really address the damage, one of your first steps will likely be to file an insurance claim. As part of this process, an adjuster will soon come to visit your home and assess the damage. Be prepared for this. Have pictures, a checklist and specific questions you want to ask. If you know of professionals you want to help with any necessary repairs, have their names and numbers ready to present to the adjuster. Having this information at the ready will help to speed up your claim and streamline the entire process.

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Future Thinking Home Remodeling

Any damage that your home has seen will need to be repaired quickly, and in some cases, that repair involves some level of home remodeling. As you’re remodeling, consider what safety measures you can put in place to better protect your home next time a storm hits. Modern innovations in building materials and processes have made this easier than ever, and the features, once implemented, can make a real difference in how well your home withstands a hurricane.

Throughout Hurricane Florence, stay safe, and focus on protecting those that you love. Homes can be repaired, things can be replaced, but you can’t replace a meaningful person in your life. Once the storm has passed, Alair Homes Summerville will be here to help. Contact us to discuss your home remodeling needs and schedule your complimentary consultation.