Building your own custom home is an exciting life event. While it is tempting to rush into it, a project of this size requires a great deal of planning and preparation. The experts at Alair Homes Charleston outline all of the steps in the process of creating a beautiful new home.

Floor Plan

After drawing up your floorplan, you will want to finalize it with your custom home builder. Ideally, the plan should be 95 percent or more complete by the time construction begins. Working with a reputable, quality builder like Alair Homes Charleston will reduce the need for change orders later, which can cause delays and drive up costs.

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Putting together the financing for a specially built home is different than just buying a house and moving in. Finding a suitable loan program can be a complex task. You will need a loan to buy the property on which the home will be built, and you will need another loan for the construction itself. When the house is complete, you will need a mortgage for it. You should expect to put 20 percent down for the land purchase and another 20 percent down for the construction.


The place where you build your custom home can be a small lot in a city or on many acres of land in the country. Location will determine the construction timeline, and you should also consider how you will use the land after the house has been built. If there are other homes nearby, you should ensure that your house will match the others in terms of aesthetics and scale. Zoning is another major concern, and you should check with your city planning department to see if the lot you have chosen is able to sustain the home you want to build.


Permits are a very important part of the building process that protect the homeowner and ensure the house is being constructed within state and local standards. Every city and state has its own regulations, and you are responsible for permits even if the builder is taking care of them for you. Apply for permits ahead of time to avoid being held up at the last minute. Permits are also only good for a certain period, and your home will need to be completed within that time frame. If you make changes during work, it is possible you will need to amend the permits or get new ones issued.

Having a custom home is a dream come true. Following the steps above will keep the process running smoothly from start to finish.