My business line rang, it wasn’t a number I recognized, but it was a local area code so I picked it up. “Hello, this is Jennings”. The caller on the line said, “Hi Jennings, it’s Chris”.


“Hello” I said.

“You don’t recognize my voice?”

Now I’m getting uncomfortable.

“No, I don’t”

“Yeah we spoke a while back about getting you some more leads for your website…..”.

Now it registers in my brain, I don’t know Chris, and we’ve never spoken before. He’s using a sales tactic on me to get me to talk to him, for at least for 10 seconds. If he can get those 10 seconds, maybe, just maybe, he can get a minute more, and maybe, he can get a sale.

The only problem was- he opened those first 10 seconds with misdirection and deception. I feel icky and I hang up.

No one likes to be sold. It’s a feeling we all universally share. Why? I think it’s the same reason we are disappointed with our child’s selfish behavior. When someone is trying to sell you, they’re doing it for their own benefit, not yours. They don’t care what you really need, how you really feel, and what’s the absolute best for you and your life situation. They want a sale and they want it now.

The flipside is completely different and feels much more natural for both people. If you have the right intent, that is, to actually help somebody and give them a good value for what they need, you don’t need tricks. You don’t have to say the perfect thing to make them buy. They buy because they need it. They buy because you want to help them, and they believe you are the best person to do that.

The intent is greater than technique.