You picked out your contractor. You have the plans all ready to go. Your renovation project is ready to go. Before the first worker swings the sledge hammer, have you addressed the details of the project? You know, those pesky details that can cause headaches if they are not addressed up front. Have a specific meeting set up so you can talk with your builder about these details.

Hours of Operation

What hours and days will the crews be working? Your builder may have standard work hours. Or, he may have to work into the evenings or on weekends to catch up on project delays. Having the conversation before work begins will keep everyone on the same page.


You may have ample parking nearby or have almost none. You and your builder need to know where work trucks can park and where they cannot. Also, where is the dumpster going to sit? You may need to get a permit from the city if the dumpster is on the street.

Trash and Pick Up Days

Let the builder know when trash pickup days are scheduled. That way the crews won’t block the road or block access to the garbage containers on that day.

Security and Access

You cannot always be on the job site to offer access to the work crews. Give your builder a key or access code to use. You need to also point out other security measures like fencing and signs.

Contact Information

Things can happen on a job site. It is better to have the contact information readily at hand than struggling to contact someone in an emergency. Also, discuss how the builder will communicate project progress.

Job Site Protection

The crews should protect the site with tarps and temporary walls. This prevents damage to landscaping and the rest of the house.
Neighbors and Pets

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You should inform your neighbors of the work before you talk with the builder. Let the builder know if he needs to tread lightly with one of them.


Your builder needs to know where the shut-offs are for electric, water and gas. Also, point out any thing that cannot be shut off (fish tank, deep freeze, etc.).


Ideally, you need to find a place for your pets to stay during the renovations. If you cannot do that, confine them to a smaller area and let the builder know to keep the doors shut.

Meeting Times

Having regular meetings with the builder will give you both a time to ask and answer questions.

Missing details of a renovation project can be a headache for the contractor and the homeowner. If you are renovating your home, take the time to speak with your contact at Alair Homes Charleston about the details. That way, your project will go smoothly.