If you are not happy with the way your home decor looks, the problem can be corrected in a few simple steps. Changing the lighting or even applying a little extra paint to your design can dramatically alter the impression a room makes. The friendly experts at Alair Homes Charleston offer the following tips to give decor a boost.

Highlight Dark Walls

Black, gray and indigo are trendy wall colors right now, but they can make a room feel small and suffocating. Using the correct lighting will allow the beauty and complexity of dark colors to shine through. Keep furniture to a minimum for the best effect.

Declutter Shelves

While it is tempting to show off all your trinkets and ornaments on your bookshelves, this often leads to a disorganized and unattractive mess. To remedy this, sort through the clutter and ask yourself if each item is beautiful or useful. Be creative with book stacking and paint the back of the shelves to help light items stand out.

Clean the Sofa

You love your light sofa fabric, but time, children and pets have taken their toll. A dirty sofa can change the entire look of a room, which is why you should have it professionally cleaned and treated to prevent any further damage. You can also consider recovering the sofa in a different fabric as part of an overall design change.

Warm Up the Family Room

Perhaps you got carried away with the style of your family room and did not consider how welcoming it would be to visitors. You can easily solve this by rearranging the furniture into groups that accommodate conversation. This will help you avoid having a large and sterile space in the middle of the room.

Hang Art Properly

While “art” is a subjective term that can mean anything from finger painting to a priceless print, how it is displayed in your home is important. The most common error is hanging art too high when it should be at eye level for maximum impact. If you cannot get it quite right, consider hiring a professional hanger.

Add Color to the Kitchen

An efficient white kitchen is wonderful, but it can be a bit bland. Installing appliances in contrasting or bright colors will add life to the room. Simple touches like a stack of beautifully designed plates or a simple bowl of fruit will make your kitchen feel complete.

Reduce the Pillows

Pillows add character to your living space, but you can have too many. If you or your guests must constantly remove pillows in order to sit down, you need to reduce them. Aim for no more than two pillows on each chair and sofa and three on each bed.

Do Not Fear Making Changes

Even good decor can become boring after a while. Do not be afraid to charge forward and engage in passionate changes. Even moving furniture around or adding a few houseplants can make a large difference in how your space feels. You do not have to spend a lot of money to upgrade your home decor and design.