If you’re completing a home remodel, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the benefits of tile. As a professional from Alair Homes Charleston can tell you, it’s easy to clean and maintain because it resists stains and water. What you may not have thought about, however, is the best way to lay your chosen materials. Check out these creative and visually stunning ways to lay tile.


Square patterns in kitchens have been done. Try something new by laying hexagon tiling in your living space.


For a fun yet serene bathroom, choose different sizes of round glass and lay them in a mosaic that is reminiscent of a bubble pattern. Whether you apply this design solely to the shower or install it throughout the bathroom, it’s sure to be unique in your neighborhood.

Fish scale

Fish scale tiling is a lovely pattern for a bathroom wall or floor, especially in a bold jewel color that looks like it came right from a mermaid’s tail. By choosing materials with subtle color variations, you can add more dimension to your bathroom.


Tin is an unconventional choice for tiling, but its shine and unique patterns make it a lovely addition to a modern kitchen backsplash. Tin looks equally good paired with dark or light wood.


Herringbone is a common laying pattern for a wooden floor and even some larger tile floor, but you can create something unique by choosing very thin interlocking materials. This gold herringbone pattern stands out for its shine and its thin pieces.


Your backsplash can stand out as a focal feature of the kitchen when you incorporate 3-D materials. Concave or convex tiling can add woven basket texture.


Color-changing tiling is more expensive, but they may be worth the splurge. If you install color-changing materials in your shower, they will display a rainbow of different colors depending on the temperature of the water. A shower like that will really wow your guests.

Mixing Sizes

If you’ve decided on a color scheme for your kitchen or bathroom, you can make things more visually interesting by incorporating materials of the same color but different sizes. A shower that combines very large and very small tiling of similar colors will be the focal point of a designer bathroom.



Go all-out with a mosaic. This contemporary rose mosaic is reminiscent of stained glass and would look just as gorgeous on a floor as it would on the wall.


You don’t have to lay tiling vertically and horizontally. This incredible starburst pattern takes a kitchen backsplash from average to exciting with its dynamic illusion of movement. The neutral color keeps it from being too overwhelming.

Whether you’re remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom or the dining room floor, a unique tiling pattern is sure to make your home more memorable to guests and enjoyable to live in every day.