Turning any spare room into a guest suite is among the best decisions a homeowner can make. This might seem an arduous task, but not when you seek help from seasoned professionals like Alair Homes. There are important things you need to consider under these circumstances. Comfort is paramount now that a remodel is probably on your mind. For best results, focus on creating a room that is soothing and welcoming. Below are guidelines that you should have in mind to create a perfect guest suite.


A bed that has soft linen and comfy cushions is inviting, right? You can never go wrong with crisp white sheets made of linen or cotton. Having two pillows per person is also a great idea. Consider adding a duvet cover or blanket for added warmth especially during cold weather. Every guest has unique preferences when it comes to bedding so providing a few a extra pillows will help guests adjust easily.

Bedside table

Having a simple tray table by the bedside is yet another great idea. Not only is this affordable, but also portable as you can fold and store it with no guests around. Including a carafe filled with fresh water before a visit is a welcomed additive, to be sure. Low-hanging pendant lights or a table lamp on the bedside table are sure come in handy.


You can add a tray of toiletries such as body wash, soap, mouthwash, toilet paper, toothpaste, tooth brush, and anything in between. Adding fluffy towels will also go a long way in making every guest feel right at home. The good news is that you can even shop online for cost effective options. It’s a common mistake to leave behind a travel-size toothpaste when packing for a long trip. Having extra toiletries on hand will definitely come in handy.


As you remodel any given space, ensure that you leave enough space for the guests to move around. Take your time and come up with a floor layout of how you want the room to look after the project is complete. Talking to experienced pros such as Alair Homes will help you know where to get started. Decide on where you want to place the bed, table and furniture. A spacious room doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be big – make way between items is all it takes.


The need for quality and durable furniture cannot be overemphasized. After all, we all want furniture that doesn’t break easily, right? Good quality furniture keeps your guests comfortable when it comes to luggage storage. Keep in mind that furniture complementing your interior design will make the space more appealing.


You can never go wrong with having a bathroom in each guest suite. There is actually no better way to guarantee privacy. The last thing you want is people bumping into each other every so often as they go to the washrooms. A bathroom in the guest suite actually offers peace of mind as you’ll never be worried about congestion in the morning.

Scenic View

A guest suite coupled with a scenic view is a great combination, isn’t it? Feel free to remodel the room with big windows offering a nice exterior view. Such a scene will keep your guests engaged throughout their stay.

Closet space

Guests need an area to put their belongings and clothes. A wardrobe in the guest room will come in handy for storage of clothing, bags, etc. Should you find this costly, having a hanging rail installed will work just fine – this is an effective and simple solution that you can dismantle and store under the bed when not in use. A set of drawers or a console table offers an ideal surface to place smaller items such as jewelry, makeup and folded clothes is also recommended.

Final Thoughts

guest room with scenic view

You now know how to keep every guest comfortable before their next visit. Try out the above discussed and your visitors will thank you for it.