Alair Homes is an established team of nationally recognized general contractors with locally owned and operated offices across the United States and Canada. This company continues to enjoy unprecedented growth as they expand across North America and welcome new members to their respected team. Their latest effort expands the company’s presence in Ohio as they proudly introduce Alair Homes Solon.

Alair Homes Solon brings transparent custom home building and home renovation services to the Chagrin Valley area. The franchise is locally owned and operated by Ken Badalamenti, a professional general contractor with over 25-years of industry experience.

When asked why he made the decision to join Alair Homes, Ken states, “My top priority has always been to build a relationship with my clients and earn their trust along the way. With Alair Homes, transparency is at the core of their business model. Offering this level of transparency to the experience I bring to my clients helps them to better understand their individual projects and feel confident about the investment they are making in their homes. It also puts us on the same page as our clients, so that there are no unwanted surprises or hidden agendas. I encourage my clients to take an active role in their projects and the lead in making important decisions. With Alair Homes, I can now give them all the tools they need to do that. This empowers them and creates an overall better working relationship.”

The transparency Ken speaks so highly of is due in part to Alair Homes Solon’s proprietary online system. This system provides all clients with access to important construction information so that they can easily take part through every phase of construction. With the system, clients monitor budgets and timelines, schedule payments, review bids and select many of the materials used in the construction of their home. Clients also use the system to have discussions with their project manager so the lines of communication always stay open and unwanted surprises are virtually eliminated.

Ken and his team have years of combined experience and a firm grasp on locality-specific information that impacts construction. From scheduling inspections to understanding local architecture and zoning requirements, they handle all the necessary details so that construction runs smoothly and delays or unanticipated costs are avoided. Alair Homes Solon also takes complete responsibility for all aspects of construction. This is thanks to a dedicated project manager who oversees every home remodel or custom home building project while maintaining communication with the client.

Regardless of the size or scope of a project, budget plays an important part. The team at Alair Homes Solon wants clients to proceed with projects only when they make sense financially. To assist in making custom home building and home renovations affordable, these general contractors leverage their reputation to secure amazing discounts on the materials and sub-contractor services necessary for construction. These savings are passed along to clients with the level of transparency the company is known for. This helps many clients to realize their dream projects while staying on budget and without making sacrifices.

To further offer clients peace of mind regarding their financial investments and choose to work with Alair Homes Solon, the company offers complimentary three, six and 12-month inspections post-construction. They couple these inspections with an industry-leading in-house or third-party warranty to help ensure that the quality and workmanship are up to their incredibly high standards and stand the test of time.

If you are in the market to build a home or renovate your kitchen, bathroom or basement in Solon, you owe it to yourself to consult with the experts at Alair Homes Solon. The company offers complimentary, no obligation consultations by appointment only, providing you with an opportunity to learn about the advantages they offer and discuss your dream project. Contact the office to learn more.


Alair Homes Solon is located at:

34055 Country View Ln

Solon, OH 44139