Most kitchens use the four walls containing the cooking area. In some spaces, however, a spare wall exists near the kitchen. Big or small, this wall cannot remain blank forever. That’s wasting untapped potential. Alair Homes Scottsdale offers ideas to make this unused space useful.

Extra storage

Let’s face it. The phrase ‘too much storage’ is absurd in kitchens. Bakeware, cookware, dishes, cups, silverware, gadgets, and food require storage. Therefore, consider two storage ideas: pantry storage or a china cabinet. The china cabinet displays dishes and cups as art while performing its useful duty of holding food and drinks. Decorative sculptures are welcome in the cabinet as additional decoration. The drawers underneath china cabinets are great for items such as silverware, napkins, dishtowels, oven mitts, and gadgets. The second option, pantry storage, expands on the current pantry by providing additional space for food, cookware, and bakeware. Kitchens without a pantry would benefit greatly from the pantry storage option.

Beverage central

Wine lovers who lack wine accessories in the kitchen should integrate a wine bar or a beverage center on the wall. The wine bar provides a simple solution for casual wine lovers. Wine refrigerators, a countertop, and shelves filled with wine glasses and a corkscrew are more than enough to satisfy wine lovers. The beverage center takes it to another level. It contains a beverage refrigerator, a liquor/wine cabinet, countertop space, cabinets for cups and glasses, and storage space. Complete the look with a sink, dish drainer, and ice maker. The choice depends on the homeowner’s love of wine and the guests’ drink preference.


Creating a window from the blank wall isn’t a solution for every kitchen, but it might work for you. Many factors determine whether a window is a great investment. Factors to consider include the window size, the position, the outdoor view, possible structural changes, and home decor appearance. An interior decorator should provide the best interior design to ensure these considerations and more fit the bill.

Home Office

This sounds like the wrong room to include a home office, but home offices in the cooking environment do mesh well. With a desk, a chair, countertop space, and upper cabinets, the home office is complete. The home office doesn’t have to take up lots of space either. It can be flexible, working for both small and large wall space while remaining functional. Perform everyday office tasks such as work-at-home assignments, read correspondence, and surf the web. Kids can even use the space for homework assignments.

Assorted Space

If more than one idea is pulling your heartstrings, try an assorted combination. One idea consists of a window with a wine refrigerator and countertop underneath. A second option consists of a pantry space. Next to the pantry are upper cabinets with a workstation underneath. A third idea is a dining area with windows above. This provides a beautiful view to focus on while eating. Regardless, the assorted space can be whatever you wish. The possibilities are endless.

These ideas should inspire homeowners to do something creative and functional with the blank wall. If these tips don’t suit your fancy, allow them to spark interior design ideas about what should go there.