A kitchen remodel is a daunting project by any standards, but when your space is limited having a professional, like those at Alair Homes Scottsdale, becomes vital. Planning and architectural elements also take on a bigger role. Here are some of the best ways to make the most of out your compact kitchen.

Aim High

Leaving space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling is a dust trap in larger kitchens, but in smaller kitchens, it’s downright criminal. Extending cabinetry to the ceiling gives you more storage space, but it also elongates the space for the eye and helps it look less cluttered overall.

Put Your Walls to Work

While on the wall storage for knives pots and cookbooks looks chic and put together, a cluttered countertop does not! Use that wall space with magnetic knife holders, spice racks and anything else that you use in your day to day kitchen life.

Don’t use Doors

A properly placed drawer instead of a door can make all the difference in how cramped a workspace feels. Drawers also encourage you to keep items better organized and put often used items in easy reach.

Appliances Come First

When planning a kitchen renovation, plan where your large appliances need to be first, then use custom cabinetry and shelves to maximize storage space. Narrow cabinets and shelves can still prove useful, but having your oven in an inconvenient place is an extra annoyance no cook needs.

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Right Size, Right Space

If your kitchen has minimal space, maybe this isn’t the time to include a double oven. Oversized appliances can make a small space seem even more cramped. Instead, choose appliances that are in proportion to the space.

Mini Bars

Breakfast bars are a great addition to a modern kitchen, and practically invaluable when it comes to today’s multitasking families. The good news is, even a two seater mini breakfast bar can be incredibly useful and stylish, so your compact kitchen does have to be left out. Try incorporating a freestanding counter with stools underneath to make sure you have a breakfast bar that’s always ready.

Sink Smart

Investigate new designs in sinks and fixtures to maximize your counter space. An under-mounted sink can double as a flat surface and also add a touch of real style to your kitchen.

Lose the Heavy Metal

It might not seem like cabinet hardware takes up that much space, but when you’re turning with a pot of boiling water you don’t want to get your apron caught on a stylish, but clunky, handle. Choosing minimalist hardware lends clean and uncluttered lines to your space, reducing the visual impact of cabinets.

Get Crafty with Shelving

Modular or custom made shelving can add space and personality to your kitchen. Consider it a way to display whatever it is you love most about your workspace. Displaying your handmade ceramics, vintage cookbooks or family photos makes sure your kitchen is big on warmth, even if it’s small on space.

Sit on It

Under-seat storage can make an eat-in kitchen a reality for your small space. By combining storage space and seating, you won’t have to sacrifice the convenience of eating in a less formal space with being able to store your rarely used gadgets.