Double stacked cabinets have caught the eye of many homeowners and design professionals in Scottsdale, and for good reason. This attractive cabinet style provides more space in any kitchen, and it can accent the space, making it look grand, bright and attractive. While there are many positives to installing double stacked cabinets in your Scottsdale kitchen, there are negatives too. Exploring both can help any homeowner to decide if this choice is the right one for their home.

Pros of Adding Double Stacked Cabinets

To begin your exploration of double stacked cabinets, let’s focus on the positives.

Extra Space

The first is probably the most obvious; they provide homeowners with an abundance of extra space. Since many kitchens do not have cabinets that extend to the ceiling, double stacked cabinets make use of that previously barren space, and provide extra room for storing pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen essentials. To add them, you will need at least a foot of extra space to spare above your existing cabinets, but if you have that, then that china or those kitchen utensils that you use once a year just might find their new home.

Room to Display Prized Possessions

In addition to providing space for seldom used kitchen appliances and serving utensils, double stacked cabinets in your kitchen can provide you with a great place to display prized china, silver platters or colorful decorative items. The simple addition of glass doors and some lighting to these cabinets makes for a somewhat unconventional but quite functional way to display things you love, out of the way but well within eyesight.

Illusion of Light

Double stacked uppers give the illusion of more light in your kitchen. Cabinets with interior lighting increase opportunities to add artificial light to the room, and with glass fronts, they also reflect light from pendants and recessed lighting to make your kitchen feel brighter and more inviting. This creates an appealing cooking and eating space that welcomes family and guests for meal prep, gatherings and conversation.

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Cons of Adding Double Stacked Cabinets

If this conversation of stacked cabinets has caught your eye, don’t be quite so quick to renovate your kitchen and add them. While they do offer many advantages, there are cons to consider too. Let’s take a look at them.

Difficult to Access

While the extra storage space offered by double stacked cabinets is a plus, the space you will gain is not going to be so easy to access. Since these cabinets reach high to the ceiling, getting to anything you place within them will likely require a sturdy chair or ladder. When items stored inside upper cabinets are far out of reach, homeowners often find that they are not inclined to use them as often, leaving pots, pans and plates to collect dust and quickly become forgotten.


If the less accessible storage does not deter you, it is also important to consider the upkeep that double stacked cabinets require. More cabinets equals more space to dust and clean, keeping the inside space tidy and clean and any exterior glass front doors wiped down on at least a weekly basis. With the cabinets being less accessible, these housekeeping chores will require a ladder or step stool to accomplish, meaning you are sure to have your work cut out for you every time cleaning day rolls around.

Creating Cramped Spaces

Upper cabinets improve the flow of many kitchens, but in the wrong space, they can make the room feel crowded and cramped. Kitchens that are small or narrow often are not the best choice for double stacked cabinets because adding too much of a good thing tends to make the space feel less inviting. Even with glass fronts, extra cabinets can create the illusion of less space, and this not only distracts from their functionality but can deter future buyers if your home ever goes on the market or even have a negative effect on your property value.


Finally, consider the cost of double stacked cabinets. Kitchen renovations in Scottsdale always require that homeowners make a financial investment, and the budget only increases when more cabinets are added into the mix. Even if you are attracted to the idea of installing them, if your family really doesn’t need the extra storage space, you might want to consider investing your dollars elsewhere.

If you are considering renovating your Scottsdale home and adding double stacked cabinets in the kitchen, review all the pros and cons first, and discuss your choices with the design and construction professionals at Alair Homes Scottsdale. We can assist you in creating a kitchen that is both functional and attractive while also saving you money on the high end finishings that will make your space unique. Contact us and request your free, no obligation consultation today.